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Spiritual Hygiene

Spiritual Hygiene

Are you keeping up with your spiritual hygiene? Your spiritual hygiene is linked directly to your personal experiences, interactions, and emotions. When you are not deliberately taking action to maintain your intuitive wellness or spiritual hygiene, you’re bound to feel the effects, and just like a bad cavity, they aren’t pleasant.

Spiritual hygiene is just as important as physical hygiene!

Every day when you wake up, what do you do? You brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your face and body, and prep yourself for the day ahead, right? At night you likely have a very similar routine; you brush your teeth, wash away the day, and change into fresh clothes before climbing into bed. All of these things are important when it comes to keeping up with your overall health and wellness.

Spiritual hygiene is no different and should become a consistent routine, just like the ones mentioned above.

First thing in the morning, you should be prepping your energy for the day and interactions ahead. At night you should “rinse-off” the energy of the day and prep yourself for being in complete receptive and healing mode while you sleep!

How to practice excellent spiritual hygiene

Get into the habit of setting energetic boundaries!

Boundary setting is such a broad topic because both physical and energetic boundaries are so important. To start setting boundaries, you must be willing to say no to others and yes to yourself!

Many of us say yes to the extra tasks at work, yes to helping others with their projects, and yes to putting our partners and basically everyone else’s needs first. While saying yes to others, we often tell ourselves no.

We say no to ourselves like this: “No, you don’t have time to read that book. Self-care? That’s funny; with what time?” “Meditation, exercise, energy clearing, healthy food prep? When?”

Do you see it? We are left energetically exhausted because we are so busy filling other people’s cups that we neglect to refill our own! Now think of it like this, who are you giving energy away to that isn’t giving it back? We are born to love and to serve, but we must remember to maintain balance. When others are constantly pulling at our energy and leaving us depleted after interactions with them, then something is off!

Setting energetic boundaries is the first step to energetic hygiene!

  1. Start saying yes to time for yourself (even if only 15 minutes) and no to what doesn’t serve you.

  2. Decide what kind of day you’re going to have, and don’t let anyone deter you from that. This declaration is more about mindset than situations, so hold this stance internally all day!

State your boundaries each morning to yourself!

  1. I am only willing to accept that which is for my best and highest good

  2. I am only willing to accept loving and high vibrational interactions

  3. I will lift others, and I will lift myself

  4. Every time I serve another, my vibration is raised as well because it is for the best interest of all involved.

  5. Negativity is not allowed in my experience. I only accept positive and fulfilling interactions.

Once you start stating these affirmations throughout each day, watch how quickly your world shifts and how people’s interactions with you change!

Spiritual hygiene includes bathing!

Ok, so not literally though you certainly can use the shower to boost this practice! Either way, you choose to look at it, you should be bathing and cleansing your energy each and every day.

How to cleanse your energy:

  1. Give yourself a reiki bath

  2. Use one of my personal techniques! This one is for empath protection, and this one is my go-to!

  3. Cleanse your energy with Paulo Santo or by smudging yourself.

  4. Doing a shower mediation and using the water to help cleanse your aura.

  5. Ask your spirit guides to assist you in clearing your energy during meditation.

All of these are simply ways of moving energy throughout your body, releasing what isn’t serving you, and calling in the light. Clearing your energy day and night (and throughout the day if times are hectic) is essential to energetic hygiene!

Good personal hygiene includes lots of handwashing and nail trimming. Spiritual hygiene includes cleansing and cutting too!

Spiritual hygiene isn’t just for your body; it’s also for the spaces you inhabit. Monthly smudging is valuable as well as smudging after company, illness, or disagreements! Smudging clears away the negative and stagnant energy. Plus, if done right, it invites in positive energy and high vibrational members of your spirit team!

Time to trim the overgrowth! Cord-cutting is a great way to check-in with yourself and maintain your spiritual hygiene!

To cut energetic cords means to let go of the day, old situations that are holding you back, or any other type of energetic block. Cord-cutting is the energetic practice of letting go! You can book a cord-cutting session with me so I can help facilitate cord-cutting, or you can learn how to do it here!

No matter which way you look at it, spiritual hygiene is just as important as physical. If you’re not keeping up with your intuitive wellness and spiritual hygiene, you might find yourself moody, depleted, or generally, in a low vibe, you have trouble getting out of!

I can always tell when I have forgotten to clear my energy because I will feel sluggish, undesirable experiences will occur back to back, or I will feel a block usually surrounding abundance.

Want to book a session for personalized energetic hygiene and maintenance? I would love to connect! Book your session here to check in and see exactly what your guides and higher self think you should be doing!

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