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SEX and Spiritual Energy

Sex, let’s talk about it. Some people get super uncomfortable talking about sex and I am one of them! That’s why it’s nice to have a computer screen to hide my blushing face. 🙂 There is a reason that I am writing about this today and that is to let you know that sex can actually strengthen your spiritual connection to another.

Sexual energy is the creative energy of the Universe. Without sex we couldn’t have life and life is after all the most fascinating type of art! As you know from a previous article, we are all connectedwe are all one. When we remember this connection life just flows a bit easier and judgment takes a backseat. Remembering that we are one with our partner can help us strengthen our spiritual connection to them thus resulting in a more passionate sexual energy.

While doing some research on the subject, I found that sexual energy enters a woman from below and rises up to her heart. There is a difference with men, however, the sexual energy starts at the genitals and extends outward. These theories make sense to me as women do need a more emotional connection to reach that point of ecstasy. Where as men are more pulled to a woman’s energy.

When you focus on sex as a spiritual act you can both take that energy and make it flow both outward and upward towards the heart. This will create an encompassing and enlightening type of energy. In one of the articles I read on, the author says you should focus moving the energy not only to the heart chakra but all the way up through the crown chakra. He explained that this act will help you to achieve ultimate bliss and spiritual connection.

Speaking of chakras did you know that your sacral chakra (the orange one just below your belly button) actually contributes to your sexuality?

“Sexually, this is the pleasure chakra that essentially ‘turns us on’ and is deeply connected to our partnerships with others. This chakra also correlates to physical things that we find pleasure in such as painting, fishing or writing erotic poetry – whatever floats your boat! Sexual eroticism is a form of physical and emotional freedom as well as spiritual liberation because it is about being in the moment so we can let go of our fears and boundaries to enjoy the bountiful happiness of the human experience.”

Sex is actually considered one of the highest forms of spiritual connectivity in many cultures. I’m not just talking about casual sex, I’m talking about sex with someone who you really connect with on an emotional level.

Think about it, what do you experience during climax?

  1. Happiness

  2. Joy

  3. Vulnerability, all walls are down

  4. You’ve totally let go of everything around you

  5. At that moment the ego is not present

  6. An extreme burst of energy

  7. Time is nonexistent for a moment

  8. Total ecstasy

And if it’s reallllly good…um I mean if you’re really connected, your entire body just feels cleansed, recharged, and in a much higher vibration.

Sex is also a form of energy exchange so remembering that it can strengthen your connection to another is important. Just as with anything in life make sure the energy you’re putting out there is being given back to you in the same capacity!

Now go have some fun y’all!

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