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Sex and Spirit. Are You Alone In The Bedroom?

Todays’s post comes from a client question, “A” asks.

“This is kind of a strange question, but if I am working so closely with my spirit team….will they watch me during intimate moments with my husband?”

If spirit is always around, does this mean they are watching us during our most intimate moments? Can spirit watch us during sex? Do spirits respect our privacy? The answer is yes and no.

We all have spirit guides, angels, and other members of our spirit team whose entire job is to be around us 24/7 to assist us, lift us, and support us. Spirit guides, angels, and the like, however, must be invited in before they will intervene. They respect our privacy and do not want to scare us, so they wait patiently for us to ask for their help and support! Many people complain to me about not being able to connect with their spirit guides, and when I dig a little deeper, I usually find that they haven’t invited them in!

When it comes to sex and privacy, though, what happens once you invite spirit guides in?

Personally, I have strict boundaries set in my home that allow one spirit guide and one angel in the bedroom to watch over us as we sleep. These boundaries come in handy at times when my alarm doesn’t go off, and I hear someone yell my name to wake me up! It did, however, take me a while to get comfortable with the fact that “someone’ could see me during my most intimate moments. When it comes to sex and “adult time” in the bedroom, however, I do ask for more privacy!

You can ask your spirit team to step out of the room during sex with your partner if you feel uncomfortable!

(Sidenote: I have to admit….this article feels a bit awkward to write. I mean, we are taking this spirit thing to a whole new level here, aren’t we? It feels more woo-woo than usual, but this question has been coming up a lot, so I guess it’s time I answer!)

I used to ask for privacy all of the time, particularly during showers and ahem sexual moments. Honestly, though, I have also learned to “shut off” my mediumship side by stating what my “business hours” are to spirit. Since I have been asking for privacy during intimate moments and do uphold such firm spiritual boundaries, I feel confident at this point that we are alone during moments of intimacy.

Plus, listen….your grandparents, spirit guides, and ancestors….they were all human once too. Don’t think for a second they don’t know what sex is (please excuse me while I burn that image from my brain). They love you and will respect your privacy plus come on you guys…they are in spirit….they really don’t care about what you’re doing in the bedroom.

Your loved ones in spirit and spirit guides are acclimating to their spirit bodies, doing their jobs, and they are watching over the people left behind. Your sex life (unless dangerous to your health) is like the last thing on their list!

So to recap, can a spirit watch you having sex? Yes, they can. Will a spirit guide watch you have sex, likely no!

Just remember to set and reaffirm firm boundaries as you should be doing this anyway! State that you’re only willing to connect with those in the light and those that are here for your best and highest good. Then state what your “business hours are” and who is allowed where in your home!

Your angels and guides are always just an ask away, and they are always watching over you – this is a good thing! And remember, you’re always in control, ask for help when you need it and ask for privacy when you need it as well!

So keep on with those intimate moments and generate an even deeper connection with the one you love!  

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