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Seeing Colors During Meditation?

Seeing colors during meditation?

Are you seeing colors during meditation? In a previous article, I explained that when you’re seeing colors during your meditation, you can generally connect them to a specific chakra. The colors you’re seeing compared with the right chakra can actually reveal a lot to you!

When you see this color in meditation, it means…

  1. Bright white or gold points to the crown chakra

  2. Purple or violet points to the third eye chakra

  3. Blue or indigo indicates the throat chakra

  4. Green or pink connects to the heart chakra

  5. Yellow or gold guides you towards the solar plexus chakra

  6. Orange is your invite to look at the sacral chakra

  7. Red is pointing you towards the root chakra!

Now, this is just a general rule of thumb, and you will want to check out this article for how to decode the messages your spirit team (or someone else’s spirit team) is trying to bring forth with these colors.

If you’re often seeing colors when you meditate this is a large sign that your intuition is trying to speak to you! Take note, pay attention, and get acquainted with your chakra system. Your chakras can tell you so much about your emotional and even physical body. Plus, when you’re seeing colors in meditation, you can decode these messages to understand more about your spiritual and physical reality! Cool right?

This is why chakras 101 has been so popular! It’s a complete chakra video series to help you understand, balance, activate, and work with your chakras. In the series, we talk about the science behind why your chakras are so important – yes the SCIENCE! It is super in-depth yet still easy to understand. It covers what each chakra’s function is, how it affects your life and body, and more. You’re definitely going to want to check it out if you’ve been seeing colors in meditation!

Before you go, I want to touch on seeing the color orange during meditation!

Seeing the color orange during meditation points to the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is all about creativity, emotions, and sexuality! If you’ve been working to heal a relationship or sexual trauma and you’re seeing orange, this would be validation that it’s working! On the flip-side, if you have been unhappy, unfulfilled, or you feel stagnant in career, creativity, and relationships and you’re seeing orange you’re being guided to do some sacral chakra work and to take a look at how these things can start to be healed and shifted.

Before I knew anything about chakras or spirituality, I used to close my eyes and see orange all the time during intimate moments. I had no idea that this was my sacral chakra essentially bursting open, which is actually an excellent thing!

In those moments (as in many unnoticed moments in life) our physical and spiritual connections are syncing up without effort. When all resistance is released, it’s much easier for us to become in touch with our higher-selves – the spiritual piece of us! Just something to take with you as you move about your day.

The less resistance, the more flow. The more flow, the more in tune you are with all that you are!

If this article piqued your interest, I invite you to check out Sex and Spirituality – How the Two are connected. It’s a super fun read and one of the most popular articles on the site!


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