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Repeated Numbers Are Everywhere! Angel Numbers and Their Meanings

Angel Numbers

Are you seeing repeated numbers everywhere? This could be a sign that spirit is trying to connect with you! One of the first things people start to notice when embarking on their spiritual journey is the synchronicities all around them.

Synchronicities are like little breadcrumbs from spirit letting you know that you’re on the right path. These little clues let you know that your prayers are being answered and that your voice has been heard.

These “breadcrumbs” come in all different forms but the most easily recognizable ones come as repeated numbers!

Angel numbers are a way for spirit to deliver a very direct message to us. You may first start to notice that you’re waking up at the same time every single night. Perhaps you keep seeing license plates the same numbers or even on billboards. No matter how you’re seeing them these numbers have a way of showing up in different places and at different times to assure you they are not being brought to you by coincidence.

If you’re seeing repeating numbers know this

  1. Your guides/angels are trying to get your attention!

  2. They have a very specific message to convey.

  3. You need to pay attention.

  4. This is a clear sign that you’re expanding spiritually and that your spirit team is ready to connect with you!

Below are a few of the most common angel numbers and their meanings


This sequence is like a wake-up call and a sign of awakening! Your team is saying very very clearly “PAY ATTENTION”! It’s also a sign that you’re manifesting right now like crazy and that your team has heard your calls. Be mindful of where your attention is going at this time so that you only manifest the things you DO want.


This is a sign that you are being guided and protected. It symbolizes that your ascended masters are with you and you are safe. Because of the protection, it brings it’s also a push to make a decision if you’ve been on the fence about something. They are letting you know it’s safe to proceed!

The number 333 also indicates that it is time to work with your natural abilities. This can mean both spiritually and physically!


This is one of my favorites because it directly correlates to the angels. It lets you know that they are with you. They are listening and ready to help you at anytime, so invite them in! Ask them for help and they will respond.

It’s a sign that you’re in tune with your highest self and that you’re raising your vibration. The ability to connect with the self, your angels, and your team has never been stronger!


Know that a big change is coming and you must stay positive. Any time there is a big change positive or seemingly less – it tends to throw us for a loop. This is a sign to let you know change is coming so trust it! Stay positive and follow your intuition through the transition.


Allllll the synchronicities and manifesting! This is a sign you’re totally in sync with the universe and good things are coming your way.

For me, this is usually a sign that abundance is about to show up or that I need to be mindful of my money mindset! It reminds me to watch my thoughts so that I allow the good to keep on flowin’ in!


This is a sign that you are divine. You’re one with Source and you’re connected to your higher-self!

It’s also a sign to take a look at the bigger picture and to know that everything is working exactly as it should. Take a breath and center. You’re a part of Source and you can achieve anything you align your vibration with!

For more on angel numbers and their meanings please check out my colleague’s site! Melanie is a wealth of knowledge and has one of the highest vibrational sites around!

And for the cutest angel number clothing …yes you read that right….check out the link below!

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