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Relationship Help During Quarantine

Can your relationship survive the quarantine? Is it even meant to? Y’all I’ve got to be real with ya, our planet as a whole is growing through a massive shift. It’s been happening for the past decade, but baby, we are feeling it now, and so are our partnerships. Does your relationship need help during quarantine?

“Quarantine is meant to produce challenges to present quality changes”- My spirit team.

The shift (and quarantine) is causing us all to stay put and clean out our emotional closets. This means that everything we’ve swept under the rug or haven’t been willing to deal with is making it’s way to the surface. When we release emotional baggage and heal past traumas, our vibration naturally rises. We become happier, healthier, and are better equipped to navigate the shifts happening all around us.

Self-work is emotional work, and it causes us to purge.

The thing is we usually choose to do this work. We select the time, the setting, and the techniques. Right now, however, the time has been chosen for us, the environment has been chosen for us, and we don’t have the personal space we might crave.

Being quarantined with your significant other during this time is going to reveal a lot about you, your partner, and your relationship.

First, let’s look at the statistics; divorce rates have risen in china since the quarantine. In doing further research, I found that there is usually a boom in divorce rates after the Christmas season. Experts say that all of the “forced” togetherness is not something all relationships are equipped to handle.

Most of us went from seeing our partners a few hours a day to being together 24/7 during the quarantine.

Even if you’re an essential worker, you might be coming home to a spouse that is quarantined. Stuck in isolation while also trying to work, take care of the kids, and keep things as normal as possible. That is a lot on a person as well as a relationship. Domestic abuse rates tend to rise during times of quarantine as well. As depression sets in, an already angry person can be triggered at any moment. Unfortunately, a toxic relationship might come to a head during a season such as this.

Relationship Help For Quarantine

Mirror mirror. What is being reflected back to you?

Quarantine is a great time to check in with your relationship and see what is working and what is not. Here are some things to look out for during the quarantine:

  1. You might be using your partner as a sounding board for all of your frustrations.

  2. Have you noticed that things are going surprisingly well, given the circumstances?

  3. Allow yourself to see how you respond to your partner during this time.

  4. How are you talking to and reacting to each other?

  5. Is every little thing they do getting under your skin?

  6. When the walls are closing in, how do the two of you respond to each other?

  7. Are you supporting each other emotionally during this time? Check-in!

We are meant to shed layers during this time, and we are meant to see the divine truth. If your relationship was already toxic and it’s getting worse by the day, this might be an opportunity to see that this karmic relationship has run its course. As painful as it might be right now think of the bliss you will feel having learned the lessons and broke free of the pattern.

In other relationships, you might notice how well the two of you have been doing during this time of isolation!

Use this time to take notice of what is and what isn’t working. Come up with a plan together on how you can strengthen your bond through quarantine!

  1. Are you being shown how to communicate more effectively?

  2. Has this mirror helped you see how you can be softer and gentler with your partner?

  3. Have you noticed all the little things your partner does for you?

  4. Are you noticing imbalances in responsibilities that can be worked on?

Make space for alone time!

You know that old saying you never know what you had until it’s gone? How about that silent drive to work or your time in the gym? What about just going about your normal routine without bumping into someone?

I think we have all realized how precious our time with ourselves is during this quarantine. It’s not just precious; it is imperative! We need a balance between social comradery and personal connection. When we do not have personal space, we can feel like we are giving everything we have mentally and physically to everyone but ourselves. If that scale tips too far to the other side, we can become over isolated and depressed.

Sit down with your partner and talk about a schedule. Remember to be flexible as you adjust to what works best for both of you.

  1. Discuss what time of day each of you will work.

  2. Think of things you can do to fill yourself up during this time.

  3. A bubble bath

  4. Meditation

  5. Your spiritual practice

  6. A walk alone

  7. Workout

  8. Read a book

  9. And suggest some things he or she can do too!

It will be really fun to take this time to create a little sacred space for yourself as well! You can read all about that here. I have my office, but I’ve recently just made a little corner nook in the backyard out of the material we have had lying around. Helloooooo quarantine, Mamas, gettin’ creative over here!

Spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental balance is imperative right now!

Relationships take time

You may feel like the last thing your relationship needs is more time together, but it’s true if done intentionally. Sure, you’re stepping on each other’s toes and legos from the kids, but you need romantic time together. Remember that schedule we talked about in the beginning? Add a date night in there to help your relationship during quarantine!

I love love love at home date nights. We play scrabble, sit outside by the fire, I beat him at Uno, you name it. I love anything that gets us away from the TV and into something that forces us to look, listen, and interact with each other.

Some ideas for alone together time!

  1. Play a game

  2. Take a walk without phones

  3. Sit outside and look at the stars

  4. Start a book or audiobook together!

  5. Meditate together

  6. Explore tantra

I’ve recently been doing a lot of research about tantra and how it has saved many relationships.

Tantra is the ancient practice of total love and surrendering both to yourself and your partner. Most people think about tantra as sex, but it’s actually about the entire relationship. It’s the total embodiment of love, loyalty, sharing desires, being honest about your feelings, and working through them together. In a sexual setting, it starts with connecting to the breath together, gazing in the eyes, and connecting at the heart. If it sounds a little intimidating, it is… at first. You’re being seen and felt in a vulnerable but beautiful way.

You’ve got some time on your hands, right? Why not do a little exploring of sacred connectedness with your partner? Use this time to strengthen your relationship with your partner if you can. If you can’t, it’s a sign, it’s time to enhance your relationship with your higher self!

If you’re still feeling lost and overwhelmed by the nature of the quarantine and the state of our world, I would love to help; book a session with me here!

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