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Psychic Red Flags: How To Know If A Psychic Is Real? Episode 9

Psychic Red Flags: How To Know If A Psychic Is Real? Episode 9

How do you know if a psychic is real or not? What are the red flags, and what should you look out for? Are any psychics real? Are any mediums legit?

What are psychic red flags?

I am mortified to say that when I was 19, I was totally scammed by a “psychic” who told me I had a curse and would never find love. Today I share with you my story in hopes of helping you avoid similar situations.

In the past, I’ve written a couple of articles about red flags you should look for when choosing to seek guidance in a psychic, medium, or intuitive. I get emails all the time from readers and people I’ve never even worked with asking me if certain psychics and messages from other “practitioners” are legitimate.

People tell me stories of how psychics used fear to manipulate them into thinking they had curses that only that psychic could remove. These people cold read and take advantage of their client’s vulnerabilities, and it makes my blood boil!

Today I want to bring light to who these people are and how they work so you can avoid them! It’s easy to spot a fake or uncaring intuitive, and I will teach you how!

I posted blogs to try to help people with this very issue in the past, and I decided that it was time to do a podcast on it! This podcast might be a little controversial to other psychics and mediums who won’t like what I have to say. I will be calling out the tactics and techniques used to take advantage of good people who are looking for healing and clarity.

Tapping into your intuition, working with spirit, and getting guidance is sacred work to me!

Episode 9 goes a lot into ethics of intuitive work, how I once got scammed myself (mortifying story by the way), and the red flags that you can look out for in the future when working with someone intuitive.

Side note: anyone looking to develop their gifts that want to practice on you will not charge you and will let you know they are practicing. If they get things wrong or their messages are confusing, this is ok – they are learning! However, they should be honest and upfront with you and should NEVER bring messages that invoke fear within you!

This episode will help you uncover and discover how to choose the right intuitive that will help you along this path. Someone that chooses this work and sees it as sacred verses as a way to scam helpless people.

I hope that this podcast helps you and brings insight! I hope it shows you that you can and should trust the right people as this guidance is invaluable and life-changing but that it helps guide you toward others who hold this work as sacred and helps you identify now and in the future psychic red flags.

***** At this time, I am not doing individual full session mediumship readings because I am truly focused on coaching, helping others tap into their intuition, and giving them my full energy and attention. My coaching clients do get full session mediumship readings with me in their package. If this is something that you’re interested in, please check out my private  coaching packages below!

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