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Meditation Challenge! 30 Day Meditation Challenge To Raise Yo’ Vibe!

Meditation is the essential key for bringing up your vibration. It is also a major in getting clear on your intentions, making space for your emotions, and yes, connecting with your intuitive side. We can use meditation to de-stress and to heal the body from dis-ease. Meditation can also be used to chill out before we snap on Aunt Sally for asking too many invasive questions around the holidays.

With regular meditation and bringing mindfulness to everything you do, you can go from:

“Aunt Sally it’s none of your business when I am having a baby my sex life is MY sex life. Now pass the wine”


“Aunt Sally, I am really just focusing on living my best life right now and that’s really all I have to say about it. I’m going to pop outside for a minute for some fresh air.”

Leave em’ stunned. Drop the mic! You meditate so you don’t have to self-medicate.

Ok, ok, so it’s not always that simplistic BUT when you get the momentum going with your meditation practice you will often find yourself slipping into the flow state much easier. This means that other people’s comments and concerns won’t bother you as much. You will begin to notice that past triggers won’t be so much of an issue for you. With regular meditation, you will find yourself at peace within and so thus external experiences begin to reflect what you’re feeling on the inside.

In short, as you raise your vibe life gets easier and much MUCH more peaceful.

I want you to know the ease of being in alignment with yourself and of seeing life through the vibration of your higher-self. With regular meditation, you can start seeing life through joyful and optimistic eyes.

There is a common misconception though that meditation is hard. Many people think that you have to sit still for too long or that the mind is too busy to slow down. I want to help you through this! Let’s rewrite your ideas behind meditation and help you to get calm and centered!

Today I invite you to take this 30-Day Meditation Challange with me!

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Remember challenge pushes us towards growth, so let’s grow together! Let’s hold each other accountable for our own happiness and inner peace!

Here’s how this thing is going to go down!

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  3. Or just make the commitment to yourself!

I would suggest doing all three! This challenge is for us to build a relationship with ourselves, instill accountability, and build community!

Here are some articles to help you get started!

I hope that you sign up for the 30 Day Meditation Challenge with me as I will be sending out FREE content to you every day for 30 days. Tips on meditation, short meditations you can do anywhere, how to strengthen your practice and more. We are building ourselves up, creating a community, and finding a deeper connection to self and all that is!

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Speaking of a community! If you’re new to meditation you will find The Spirited Life a great tool to help you through this challenge!

Inside the membership, you will have access to 13 guided meditations led by my spirit team and I. There is a vast library of learning material, how to include crystals in your practice, and more! But the best part? Community! Inside The Spirited Life, you will find others on their spiritual and self-developmental journey!

So to recap, starting today we are embarking on a 30-Day Meditation Challange…TOGETHER!

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  3. Get started with the articles above!

  4. Join us in The Spirited Life for meditations, workshops, videos, and COMMUNITY!

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