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Meditating in the beginning.

About a year and a half ago I decided to give meditation a try. I felt so weird….like SO weird. My thought’s in the beginning went a little something like this……

  1. OMG, I probably look like such a weirdo!

  2. Why am I doing this again?

  3. I giggled to myself about it ….a lot

  4. Do I have to “OMMMMM?”

  5. Why won’t my brain shut off?

First off, I had NO idea how to meditate but I didn’t realize this until I started. I thought you just sit cross-legged on the floor, pointer finger to thumb, close your eyes, and that was it. WRONG! You don’t really have to do any of those things if you don’t want. You just have to quiet the mind and connect to yourself.

I eventually started listening to guided meditations on Youtube. LOVE Youtube, especially for meditations and workout videos… Anyways, I  was getting really good at meditating and I was doing it just about every day. I would even meditate on my lunch breaks! I figured I had it mastered so I moved on to binaural beats. I loved this, it allowed me to quiet my mind and really connect because I didn’t have someone else’s voice interrupting. Binaural beats really helped me to develop my skills, actually a little too much…too soon.

I remember sitting in a room, lights off, listening to a meditation labeled “WARNING: POWERFUL THIRD EYE BINAURAL BEATS MEDITATION.” I thought it must be REALLY good if it comes with a warning. Wellllllll it was powerful that’s for sure. Sitting in my chair I suddenly felt a presence, my arms reached out, and I could feel someone grab my hands. I opened my eyes and no one was there, so I closed them again and continued. This being held my hands and something made me pull “them” closer to me…I could feel them right in front of my face. I FREAKED OUT. Shut off the meditation and kind of gave it up for a little bit.

I jumped into the deep-end with no float, not quite knowing how to swim. What I mean here is a month of meditating didn’t mean that I was ready to connect to other beings. I was just learning to connect with myself. I didn’t know about spirit guides or how to protect myself energetically, and I certainly didn’t know how to identify a spirit…good or bad.

That day shook me a bit and still kind of does to be honest. I don’t know that I have felt a spirit presence so strongly since that day. Maybe I have and I am just used to it now or maybe my guides have learned what my comfort level is. Either way the moral of the story here is to proceed with caution.

First, learn to connect to yourself, then your higher self, then your guides, and so on. I suggest before ever making contact with a spirit you learn how to identify them. Your higher self and your guides have so much unconditional love for you, they will help you and guide you. Get to know them and all else kind of just starts to fall into place.

Peace, Love, Light, and all that good stuff! Bye y’all!

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