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“I Can’t Get Clear Messages From My Spirit Guides!”

Have you ever said this to yourself? “I Can’t Get Clear Messages From My Spirit Guides!”

Have you noticed all of the spirit guide material I’ve been putting out lately? Well, I will let you in on a little secret….it isn’t coming from me – it’s coming from our spirit guides themselves!

I’ve been pushed to tell you that as a collective our spirit teams are closer now than they have ever been and are basically begging us ALL to connect with them.

The Collective” (comprised of guides, higher energies, etc.) has been coming through in my articles, on coaching calls, and even when hanging out with my friends! Spirit is telling me it’s time to spread their messages, their light, and teach even more people how to connect as we continue to ascend and rely on their guidance.

Recently a client was using her complimentary coaching session (included in this course) and her guides gave us an entirely new exercise for connecting with them. She was having a bit of trouble receiving her guide’s messages and felt a bit blocked so they provided the following exercise!

Use this exercise to connect with your spirit guides when you feel blocked or at any time!

  1. Ground, clear, connect, protect (Not sure how? Use this meditation…also included in the Intuitive Development Course)

  2. Take a moment to be mindful of your entire body.

  3. Expand that awareness to just outside of your physical body.

  4. Now take your awareness out even further until you only feel space around you!

  5. Visualize that empty space as a big white room with you in the middle.

  6. This room is filled with divine light! It’s a sacred healing sanctuary for your soul and is the safest and most loving place you could ever reside in!

  7. See a door at the back of the “room.”

  8. Ask your armor guide to allow in ONE member of your spirit team.

  9. Now don’t get involved – just observe.

  10. What do you see? Feel? Hear?

  11. What is materializing for you?

The idea of this meditation is to create a safe container where you and your guides can meet one on one. They may show you images, colors, or you may feel or get downloads. Don’t get too wrapped up in the message just watch and observe. As you continue to do this exercise it will surely bring you even closer to your team!

I LOVE this spirit guide communication exercise, it might be my favorite ever! And it was just handed over to a client during her coaching session!

The coaching I do is always like this! We set an intention of what you want to work on for the day be it tuning into your intuition, enhancing your psychic gifts, working with guides, healing the inner-child, or even business.

But THEN spirit takes over. They deliver high-vibe custom to you guidance that shifts and changes you. It creates massive breakthroughs and removes blocks! Blocks from connecting and receiving, abundance blocks, creative blocks, you name it! Your spirit team knows what they are doing and they reach levels you and I could never get to alone!

Want to work with me? Pick your path!

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The 3-month coaching package is great for everyone! It’s a chance to focus on your intuitive development, healing, or whatever you want to work on and get lots of divine guidance along the way!

The 6-month package is best for those who want to tap into, understand, and expand their intuitive side and/or heal on deep levels! This is by far the most popular package and includes the famous Intuitive Development And Progression Course!

The Year Package is for those who are ready to invest in themselves, transform their thinking, develop lasting, strong, and close relationships to THEMSELVES AND THEIR SPIRIT TEAM! It includes my two biggest courses and a course of YOUR CHOICE.

If you’re not quite ready for coaching but you do want to get started now then check out the site-wide course sale! Through March 21st 2021

All courses are 30-50% off RIGHT NOW! You’re not going to want to miss this. Ya see, I only do a sale like this 3 times per year and this is already the second….

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