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How To Start Meditating Regularly And Effectively

Meditation is the key ingredient to developing your intuitive abilities. You simply can not grow or evolve your understanding of universal consciousness without first tapping into your own. So many people wish to skip the meditation and head straight for spirit communication – like talking to their spirit guides. You have to meditate to start connecting to spirit but how? How can you start to meditate regularly and effectively?

There are a few different types of meditations and styles as it’s not a one size fits all type of thing.

First, you’ve got your mindfulness practice.    This is just how it sounds, being mindful. Mindful of the sensations in the body, awareness of your thoughts, and mindful of your feelings.

Then there is concentration meditation. This is where you focus on one thing to take you into a deeper meditative state. You can focus on the breath (usually the best place to start) or you can focus on a specific instrument in the meditation music you’re listening too. Often times I prefer to focus on a word such as “relax”.

Another type of meditation is guided, which you can find here. Guided meditations are where someone walks you through step by step, to help you reach that deep meditative state we all so desire.

Guided meditations are a great place to start if you’re new to the practice. I find, however, that as you grow more advanced in your connection with spirit it actually becomes easier to receive messages without someone’s voice guiding you. Maybe it’s just me but too much going on in a meditation makes it hard for me to concentrate on the messages coming forward.

Sometimes however even I need a bit of assistance for clearing or healing work. In these instances, I almost always use a guided meditation as it’s easier to have someone walk me through the process. It’s kind of the opposite as mentioned above. While guided meditations can get in the way of spirit messages, spirit messages can also interrupt a healing session!

You don’t have to just sit still while cross-legged on a pillow to achieve a meditative state either! There are active meditation practices such as quigong, tai-chi, yoga, walking, and even swimming.

Meditation isn’t about achieving complete relaxation; that is just a benefit. It is more about realizing what needs to be focused on and finding awareness within the self.

It’s not about getting rid of all of your thoughts but instead healing the mind, body, and soul.

Healing is a big part of spirit work and a big part of meditation. That is why sometimes situations and people we haven’t thought about in years tend to pop up during meditation sessions. As we notice and appreciate those people and events we can work through them and even begin to heal them.

Meditation is a practice. Which means, it will never be mastered but can always be improved upon.

Meditation helps to raise your vibration which is essential for connecting with spirit.

Those in the light vibrate on a higher frequency than us. This is why we must first raise our vibration with meditation and other practices. We then become a closer match to theirs, thus resulting in a stronger line of communication.

Clearing out old-stagnant energy, rewiring thought patterns and becoming more conscious of your wants, thoughts, and needs is not only helpful here on the physical plane but also the spiritual.

To start your meditation practice, try one or a mix of the techniques listed above to get started. Figure out what works best for you!

Here is an exercise that I give almost every one of my students

Focus on the breath. Breathe in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4, breathe out for the count of 4, and repeat 4 times. This technique not only gets you focused on the breath but also gives your mind something to do thus minimizing wandering thoughts.

Visualize the word relax. Notice the colors of the letters and how big they are. Send one letter away at a time.

Listen to calming music or a guided meditation Start with 5-10 minutes and work your way up gradually. No one expects you to be able to sit for hours on end in your home meditation practice, especially not starting out.

Remember you will sometimes have GREAT sessions and other times they will be minimal. All that matters is that you showed up and you tried. The very act of being present within the body and mind will help to raise your vibration thus bringing you closer to your connection with spirit!

Let go of all expectations going in and just be. Just allow your practice to unfold at its own pace. Learn to appreciate and love this time with yourself. Over time your connection to self will grow as well!

Having a bad day at work? Take 5 minutes to ground, center, and protect your energy! Just a little tip from someone who used to work in a very negative office setting. Worked like a charm every time!

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