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How To Live A More Spirited Life. Yes, You have time!

What does it mean to live a spirited life? To me, it means being your authentic self each and every day as much as you possibly can. That can be hard to do when you have to wear a million different hats all at once. It IS possible though! Even if it means you’re only taking 15 minutes out of your day on your lunch break to just be you. To just focus on what actually serves you instead of those you’re supposed to be serving.

I have to admit y’all, when I was in the corporate world before I started getting really busy with the site, I had way more “me” time than I do now. I had my drive to work, my lunch breaks, and my drive home. What did I do on those car rides and elusive lunch breaks? I read articles, listened to podcasts, watched videos, and was totally aligned with my spiritual self for a few moments at a time. I’ve been thinking about this over the past few months and how important those moments were to me.

When I started the Little Light Box last year it was my way of sharing the spiritual stuff while having fun with it myself! The box included crystals, self-love activities, and a monthly energy reading. They were so cute and so much fun but it got to be too much and I just couldn’t keep up.

I reevaluated, “how can I play with spiritual tools, share a read on the energy for the month, and still help people to be happier? How can I help people to live a more spiritual life? How can I make it available to everyone and interact with them?” A sense of comradery in all of this is so important. Without it, the spiritual journey can feel quite isolating.

“I should host a spirit circle!”

A spirit circle is a group call in which I open with a group meditation and then we allow the messages to flow in. At the end of the call, you get to ask questions and get answers! Maybe it’s a question for your spirit guides or maybe it’s a question of intuitive development. The floor is yours!

“I should host intuitive and psychic workshops too!”

I often get questions like “how do I connect with my spirit guides. How do I know if I’m clairsentient? I’m a medium but have no one to practice on any suggestions?”

In the workshops, we will cover topics such as these! Each month we will have a topic to focus on. With me as your coach, I will guide you through the subject. Sometimes you will also have the option to give or get a practice reading with others in the group as well!

I created a new membership program that includes all of the above plus a little bit more! I realize that many of my readers want to learn how to develop their own intuitive gifts, learn more about psychic abilities and spirits as a whole. Coaching is a big investment in yourself and it’s not the right time for everyone right now, I get it! As a supplement to one on one coaching, also included in The Spirited Life are videos on intuitive development and spirit explanations!

The spirited life is your monthly ME time, it’s your escape from the hustle and bustle. This is your chill moment, your coffee break, your spiritual part of the day.

You don’t need to do a bunch of research, go down the spiritual rabbit hole, or wonder why your energies feel so out of whack this month. The Spirited life gives you a monthly energy reading so that you know what to expect.

You don’t have to search through 50 youtube videos to find the one snippet of spiritual information you’re looking for because it’s all right here, in one place.

This membership allows you one night a month to sit back, meditate, connect with spirit, and ask me questions. A little group call with like-minded people looking to bring a little more light into their lives.

Here is what the membership has to offer

  1. Monthly energy readings

  2. Motivational talks surrounding things like self-love and healing the body, mind, and spirit.

  3. You will also have access to exclusive videos about crystals and their spiritual meaning.

  4. A monthly group call. This call will generally be a spirit circle with meditation.

  5. Members will also receive a 10% discount on all items in the shop!

  1. All that comes with the Star Level Membership

  2. Exclusive intuitive development content like “how-to” and “why” videos

  3. Monthly live workshops!

With so many videos, calls, and a monthly energy reading it’s easy to open yourself up to a more spirited life (even if only for 15 minutes while the babies take a nap!)

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