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How To Create A Schedule That Allows For Flow And “Me” Time?

How To Create A Schedule That Allows For Flow And “Me” Time?

How can you find flow in your week or even in your day? How do you find time for yourself when you’re busy with work, life, school, and kids? With so much going on day to day, self-love and spiritual practices like meditation are the two things we should be prioritizing but often are the last we get to!

I’ve helped busy moms, CEOs, and countless other clients to create space for meditation and their spiritual practices and create a weekly and daily schedule that allows for flow!

What is flow? Flow feels like ease, and it feels like peace. Being in a state of flow feels fluid and continuous without stressing or feeling overwhelmed.

Who wouldn’t want to be in a state of flow? Did you know that it is much easier to receive intuitive messages and guidance when we are in this state?

I’ve helped so many people go from having “no time” to freeing up a whole day in their schedule each week with the practices I teach, some in this video, some in private sessions.

Creating a plan that allows for flow allows for a healthier, happier, and more aligned version of you.

Taking time to block your schedule and be incredibly intentional about your time allows for a raised vibration, space for spiritual messages to come in, and a deeper relationship with your higher self.

If you’re not making space or being consistent with your time for you or spirit them, how do you expect to get those messages when YOU want them vs. when they fleetingly show up?

You want to and deserve to be guided. Tapping into your spirit guides and higher self is available to you at all times if you know how to recognize the guidance coming in and how you receive it. You see, we don’t all receive the same way! Some people see, some feel, and others hear. Learning how your intuition speaks to you and then doing the correct exercises to expand on that will be a game-changer.

Strengthening your intuitive muscles will have life responding to you in ways you never thought possible! You first have to be consistent and create the space spiritually and energetically!

Right now I am taking private clients in my Rise Then Shine coaching package. This package is for those who are ready to learn, know they have a guidance system that is ready for them and are empowered to do the work to be aligned with their highest self and highest life path! You in?

Enroll today and get instant access to my best intuitive development and self-healing courses!

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