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How to Connect With Your Unborn Baby On A Spiritual Level

Pregnant women are some of the most beautiful and glowing creatures on earth (though much of the time they don’t feel like it). This glow shows up even before they know they are pregnant. Some of the credit can go to the hormones and glowing skin but in my opinion, it has more to do with the energy and the presence of a new life brewing inside the mother.

We are all energy and therefore we can all sense energy. Just like we can pick up on the bad moods of someone without ever speaking a word to them so too can we pick up on the good vibrations or new life inside of a mother to be.

Pregnant women are the ultimate conduits of energy. Their intuitive abilities often become apparent for the first time ever during this time of their life as mentioned in this article.

Did you know that their intuitive connection is so strong that they can actually connect to their unborn children?

Of course there is that mother and baby bond that connects them but to be honest it’s not always there immediately. Most moms will tell you it takes a while until it becomes real for them. Generally, once the belly starts to grow and the little movements can be felt the mother starts to bond more with the baby. In reality, though, this can be done on a much deeper level and you don’t need to be a professional medium to make it happen!

Bond with your unborn baby

Meditation To Connect With Your Unborn Baby

Meditation is good for the mind, body, soul, and the mama!

The connection to spirit and your intuition is built upon stillness and intentional connection. Meditation is the key to unlocking and tapping into all that the silence has to tell you. It’s the direct line to all of the wisdom that the universe has to offer you.

Since your baby is a spirit and a life that is literally growing from within you it makes sense that you would be able to connect via meditation!

Simply get into a meditative state and set the intention to bond with your baby. Practice mindfulness from head to toe and then take your attention back to your womb-space. Hold your attention here while sending baby love and light the entire time. Feelings of unconditional love, inner peace, and bonding may arise.

If you prefer guided meditations here is one specifically for mother-baby bonding!

Talking To Your Unborn Baby

Mothers are encouraged to talk to their unborn babies throughout the entire pregnancy. This is encouraged by doctors, specialists, and spiritual practitioners alike. Plus it’s naturally occurring anyways.

What if you took it a step further though and brought your intuition into it? What if you started asking your baby what it needs and what it wants?

Mother’s often get morning sickness (really it should be called all day sickness) and though they try everything to feel better not much brings more than momentary relief. Instead of trying to fight against it – lay down, take a few deep breaths, and ask your baby to work with you.

Explain to the baby the things you have going on, tell it how you feel, ask it to give you a few moments of relief.

Often times morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy it means your hormones are strong and this is a great thing…it just doesn’t feel so great. Ask baby to help you with this! I bet you will be surprised at the outcome.

Another great way to have communication with your baby is to ask it what it needs. Just like with intuitive eating when you ask your body what it needs at the moment try it with your baby. Most of the time you will find that it isn’t the chocolate cake that the baby wants but instead the nuts. Your baby will gladly tell you what nutrients it needs. It will happily communicate what kind of activities it needs for you to do if you just ask, listen, and wait.

If you’re someone that likes to exercise and you’re upholding this throughout pregnancy then listen to your body and your baby!

Ask the baby if the exercise you’re doing is ok. Ask the baby if you’re breathing enough, if you need to slow down, if it’s ok to speed up, etc. The answer will come to you naturally mama, don’t worry about how you’re going to receive. Ask, listen, wait.

You’re the first person your baby comes in contact with, your heart is the first thing it hears, and your voice is the thing that comforts it the most. You and your baby already have a special bond – you’re two souls sitting in one body. It’s incredibly amazing when you think about it!

Remember, the baby’s spirit comes and goes throughout the pregnancy so there may be periods of quiet time during your talks. Don’t worry about it too much, try again the next morning or even after a few hours!

The more you talk to your baby and meditate with your baby the more you will hear from it!

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