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How To Connect With Your Guardian Angel

How To Connect With Your Guardian Angels

Most of us are taught from a young age that we have a guardian angel looking out for us. In many cultures and belief systems, this guardian angel is often thought of as a loved one that has passed. While your loved ones in spirit can assist you and occasionally will act as a spirit guide they are not typically a guardian angel.

Guardian angels are high vibrational angelic beings that were likely never in human form.

Guardian angels are from the angelic realm which means they are one of the purest forms of energy that exist in the spirit world. Because of this when they come to us it is quite different than other spirits such as spirit guides, loved ones, and even ascended masters.

Our angels and guardian angels must be invited into our lives to assist us. In emergency situations, they will likely intervene but when it comes to our daily lives most of the time we must invite them in and ask for their assistance. When we ask for their assistance they act quickly and are eager to help!

Since angels were never human they don’t usually have words and language that we understand. They tend to connect more through feelings, gifts, and downloads.

How to connect with your guardian angel

Invite them in!

As with all spiritual connections, I suggest that you start by grounding and clearing your energy.

  1. Start by seeing roots going down into the Earth and drinking up the Earth’s energy.

  2. Watch as this energy comes back up into your body starting at the feet.

  3. Clear your energy by seeing divine light coming in and cleansing your body of any stuck or stagnant energies that are not serving you.

  4. Next, raise your vibration by visualizing a channel of light coming down from Source.

  5. See this light going into your being and around your aura resembling a bubble.

Next, you will want to ask your Guardian Angel to connect with you! You might say something like this:

I ask for my guardian angel to step into my reality now. I ask for your guidance, your love, your assistance, and your connection as I go through my day.Please help me to go through life with ease and grace. Show me the way. Step in and assist in all of my endeavors. Please show me that you’re connecting with me in ways that I can easily understand. Thank you for your love, thank you for your support, and thank you for stepping in now.And so it is. Thank you. Thank you.

This small prayer is enough to get your angel involved in your life! If you have a specific issue or endeavor that you would like their assistance on then go ahead and mention that in your prayer!

Notice How They Connect With You

As with any spirit, your guardian angel will connect with you in a way that you’re most receptive to at the time and in a way that will serve both of you. This means that one day they may connect through clear feeling and another through signs and gifts.

When it comes to clairsentience you may feel your angels presence through an adrenaline rush like feeling, a jittery feeling, or even a feeling of pressure on the chest. Here is a full article about angel energy and why it’s so intense!

Angels often connect via claircognizance. This is a gut feeling of knowing what you must do or a direction to take. In the darkest of times, a feeling of peace and serenity out of nowhere may show up as a gentle reminder that everything will be alright!

Angels also give messages via “downloads” this means that you suddenly know the answer to your question or your issue. You didn’t hear it but it’s almost like someone airdropped it right into your mind! This is a common way that your guardian angels will connect with you.

Guardian angels will also connect with you via “gifts” and signs! This could be repeating numbers, synchronicities, and even songs!

Your guardian angels will often come to you in meditation as well. Remember they never had a body so they can present however they would like! I often see mine as a face with a large back glow of vibrant light and flowy fabrics. You may also see yours as a light (both with the naked eye and the third eye)

The key is to pay attention and be open minded. Angels work quickly and it’s easy to see them in action when you make yourself aware!

For more on how the intuitive gifts work and learning to connect with different types of spiritual beings check out the courses below!

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