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How To Be More Spiritual? What Is The Right Way To Be Spiritual? 

How To Be More Spiritual? What Is The Right Way To Be Spiritual? 

By the time you read this post, the Instagram story I am about to reference will be long gone but the lesson and meaning behind what I wrote still applies. I casually posted the image below on Instagram with the intention of getting people involved. “What is your favorite season? Mine is by FAR summer…” indicating that I didn’t like the colder seasons (especially winter). As I captioned the picture, I caught myself thinking “there has got to be a more spiritual way to say this.” My thought triggered me big time!

Is there a right way to be spiritual? Is there a guidebook for how to be more spiritual?

Ugh, seriously, spare me. Where did this come from? Who said that our language had to be a certain way? That we have to act or dress or POST on Instagram a certain way to be considered spiritual? It’s not my vibe, but apparently, I picked it up somewhere because my thoughts went there… 

So how do you become more spiritual? Am I doing spirituality the right way? Do you have to love crystals to be spiritual?

The truth is you become more spiritual by becoming more of yourself. Read that again.

The more you that you are then the more in-alignment you become with your higher self and thus your spirituality. Spirituality is not about how you dress, who you follow, or who you emulate. It’s about being fucking authentic and true to yourself

It’s saying yes when you want to say yes. Spirituality is saying no when your body responds for you. Spirituality is about becoming whole and remembering that you are a spirit having a human experience. This means you need to participate in that human experience, which also means you’re going to have rough days. 

You’re going to have days where the sun isn’t shining in your mind and you CAN’T see the positive. Guess what? You can still be spiritual and have bad days. 

“Things aren’t supposed to be annoying or make you angry when you’re spiritual because if you’re spiritual, then you should see the greater good in all situations.” False. (‘Cue Dwight Schrute) 

  1. People are going to trigger you.

  2. You’re going to trigger yourself (obviously or I wouldn’t be writing this). 

The triggers are to help you grow! Your triggers, heartaches, anger, and sadness are all a part of your spiritual existence! 

It is what you do with these feelings and emotions that uplevel your spirit and release you from the human stipulations that hold you down and in place. When you look at your triggers and you have a willingness to say “well isn’t that interesting? What is this trying to teach me?” Then, my friend, you have learned to be more spiritual because you have learned to go within! 

As you have beautiful moments full of joy and you really relish in them and appreciate them, then you’re doing spirituality right! 

Those moments of bliss and joy give us a chance to be fully present in two forms. You can’t get more spiritual than that! 

Spirituality isn’t about crystals, meditation, and sound baths – those are just tools to take you deeper into your spiritual practice. Don’t get me wrong: I love all of those things, but they aren’t what makes me spiritual. 

What deepened my spirituality was doing a lot of work to find out who I was at my core. Then I learned to love all parts of her.

I learned to love the beautiful parts and the dingy parts. After that, I kept going within, shedding layers, being brutally honest with myself, relishing in moments of happiness, and looking for a deeper meaning in all situations. I tapped into my intuition, trusted it, and allowed myself to be guided always. And I do this over and over and over all day every day. 

Spirituality is a way of being and a state of mind. It’s not about what is the right way to say something or being less spiritual because you said the word fuck. I say it all the time – honestly, it’s one of my favorite words! 

Being you is to be spiritual. Digging deeper within yourself, seeing your brothers and sisters as spiritual beings, and remembering that every creature on our planet is and has a soul is to be spiritual. 

Listening to your heart, being guided by your internal source, trusting yourself, and trusting your intuition, is being spiritual. 

You become more spiritual by becoming yourself. By meeting yourself, loving yourself, trusting that the universe has your back, and by being a good person. It’s being connected to and trusting in SOURCE, the universe, or whatever you choose to call our creator.

Clothes, CRYSTALS, and saying things the right way… those don’t make you spiritual; they put you in a category. 

The whole point of being spiritual is to be one with everything, not separate from it. Think on that one for a while! I’m always here if ya need me! What are your thoughts on this? What is spiritual to you? Tell me in the comments below!

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