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How Do You Get Grounded After Meditation And Psychic Readings?

How Do You Get Grounded After Meditation And Psychic Readings?

Do you ever leave meditation feeling like you’re spaced out for the rest of the day? After a day spent connecting with spirit, I expect to be a bit ungrounded and flighty as I’ve been “out of body for most of the day.” I didn’t realize, though, that others feel this way after doing a simple meditation! It only happens to me after reading and connecting through coaching for a whole day! How do you get grounded after meditating and connecting with spirit?

Before doing any type of meditation or connection, I always recommend that you get grounded, clear your energy, connect your energy to the light, and then protect your energy. 

I also recommend that after any type of spiritual connection, you thank those involved (spirit guides, visitors, angels, or otherwise), pull your energy back in, and get grounded one more time. It’s all about staying balanced between the physical and spiritual and the body and spirit! 

A coaching client  recently brought to my attention that after her meditations, she feels so flighty throughout the day! She said that no matter her meditation type or the time of day she practiced, she can’t focus, concentrate, or stay “in body” afterward. 

I had given her every grounding technique that I could think of! Then I decided it would be best to just consult her spirit team! 

My coaching client’s spirit team gave me this brand new and really interesting grounding exercise for EXTREME grounding and out of body experiences! 

I want to add that I have only used this once since it was given to me. Typically it’s pretty easy for me to get grounded through visualization, playing outside with the kids, taking a bath, or swimming in the ocean. 

Also, I like to astral travel during dream time, so I opt to protect my energy and call in my guides vs. anchoring before bed. That said, not everyone wants to or enjoys astral traveling! This would be an excellent anchoring exercise before sleep, as well.

Anchoring to body “grounding” exercise 

  1. Take a few deep breaths. 

  2. Begin to feel your body.

  3. Become aware of your toes, knees, and chest, moving all the way up each body part. 

  4. Next, ask your Higher Self, where it is! 

  5. Allow your clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, or claircognizance to provide the answer for you. 

  6. Visualize your higher self and call her “home.”

  7. See her hovering about 5 feet above your head.

  8. Now, visualize your root chakra opening up. 

  9. See an anchor with a long chain and hook attached (or whatever feels best for you). 

  10. Visualize that hook extending upward and connecting with your higher self. 

  11. See a crank at the end of the anchor, leaving you with control of how much tether you allow! 

  12. Crank the tether in until your Higher self is entirely merged with the body.

  13. You can also visualize your higher self hovering just above your head to maintain an elevated but comfortable perspective throughout the day! 

It is crucial for me always to live life and be guided through the eyes of my higher self. It keeps me balanced yet grounded.

I like to live my life a bit more in an elevated vibration than in the grounded physical because that is where I feel most comfortable. Still, I try to maintain a pretty good balance when I am not connecting with spirit intentionally. 

This grounding and anchoring exercise will help people who have a truly hard time feeling balanced and grounded. 

Use this exercise after readings, before bed, if you don’t like to astral travel, and anytime you’re feeling a bit out of body! 

Spirit often gives personalized exercises and recommendations, just like this one during coaching sessions! Want to find out what yours is? Schedule your session here! 

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