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Healing Emotional Wounds | Shining Light On What We Don’t Want To See

Shining light on the things we don’t want to see is sometimes the only way to heal.

When it comes to emotional traumas and situations from our past it takes more than a magical pill to solidify the healing process. There is no magical cure for things like grief and the scars that get left behind from physical and emotional abuse. They don’t make a concoction that helps to release the wounds we created within ourselves such as the scars that are left over from regrets, mistakes, and even self-harm. To begin to heal the wounds that we can not physically see sometimes, we need to simply shine a light on them.

I’ve done a lot of my own healing over the past 6 or so years. A lot of that healing was hard to do because I had to face what I didn’t want to see. I had to go inwards and revisit the mistakes I made and the pains that others placed upon me. There were many times that I thought it would be easier to give up. More than once, it crossed my mind to shove those things back down to where I could just ignore them.

When I started meditating I never expected for repressed memories to surface. I never expected the smallest of arguments from 10 years prior start to pop into my head. I never expected to have to watch and revisit mistakes that I had made that hurt other people.

I kept asking “Why? Why are you showing this to me?”

I thought that I had dealt with these things. But, the truth was, I hadn’t dealt with them at all. I had chosen to ignore them and to “just move forward”.

As I mention here, sometimes awakening isn’t an easy process. We are often forced to see the darkness within ourselves and others before we can truly appreciate the light. This is why you will find that most lightworkers, intuitives, and energy sensitives have lived some pretty….eventful…lives.

We must have certain experiences to help us grow. These experiences show us just how strong we truly are. Sure, in the moment you may feel like the weakest of the weak but looking back there is no denying that somehow you pushed through.

We gain battle wounds and we carry scars as reminders of where we have been and lessons we have learned. These souvenirs remind us of where we don’t want to go again and push us to do better.

When you are healing, many times, you have to look at that which you do not wish to see. You have to go back there, feel what you felt in that moment, and nurture that piece of you.

In those painful moments, it is likely that you left a piece of your energy with them. If this wasn’t the case then years later they wouldn’t be popping up randomly for you to shove back down again. When this happens, a piece of you is calling out for your help, your acceptance, and your nurturing.

Think of these pieces just like a small child that has been hurt or upset. You must go to that child, tell her it will be ok, tell her she is loved, and that she is safe. You must hug her tight and bring her back into the arms of safety. This is how we become whole again, by beckoning these pieces of ourselves back into our being.

If you had a large mass buried deep within your body, you wouldn’t ignore it and hope that it would go away. You would go to a surgeon, have a light shined upon it and then you would have it removed. Why? Because it would be taking up space and causing harm to your body.

Emotional and mental wounds are the same. You can not leave them there and ignore them in hopes that they will go away. Spirit has taught me this numerous times throughout my own journey and through mediumship sessions with clients.

Healing starts when we bring our light to the darkness. Even if that light is simply awareness.

Stay tuned for how to begin working with and healing your inner child!

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