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Ghosts, Spirits, and Halloween! Is Spirit More Active At Halloween?

Ghosts, Spirits, and Halloween! Is Spirit More Active At Halloween?

With Halloween coming up, it’s only right that we have a whole post dedicated to ghosts, lost souls, and the day of the dead itself am I, right? Light Love And Spirit is all about merging the world of spirit with the physical one we live in. It’s about taking the woo-woo out of the spiritual and bringing things back down to Earth!

Today I am doing a Halloween round-up of my favorite blogs that talk about ghosts, crossing spirit over, and all things dedicated to this “spooky” holiday!

When we think of Halloween, we typically think of ghosts, and rightfully so!

The spirit realm is much more active on the physical plane around Halloween. As we know, energy goes where attention flows, so it only makes sense that the veil between the two worlds is this at this time!

Are Ghosts More Active Around Halloween?

I wrote an article on ghosts and how active they are around Halloween time, and it has been a favorite ever since! Plus, it answers so many questions that are emailed to me every year around this time! Read it here!

Another question I get often is, “Is my house haunted?”

Many people experience strange happenings in their home year-round but spirit can really turn up the volume around Halloween. Why, you ask? Well, as mentioned before, the veil is crazy thin, and chances are you’ve been watching movies that focus on ghosts, goblins, and ding ding ding haunted houses!

If you’re like me and you choose to watch more light-hearted entertainment, but you’re still having an uptick in spirit activity, then it might be time for a good smudgin’!

So, is it true that houses become more haunted around Halloween? FIND OUT HERE!

What does a thin veil mean, and when does it happen?

A thin veil means the curtain between the world of spirit and the physical is more see-through than in previous months. It’s an exciting time as we have the amazing opportunity to tune into spirit and our intuitive side like never before!

If you’ve wanted to develop your intuition and connect with your spirit guides, this is undoubtedly the time to give it a whirl! The thin veil allows you to connect with ease! I have a video here, which will help you understand more about the thin veil this time of year!

How can you take advantage of the thin veil?

Get a jump start on your intuitive understanding and development! Learn which are your strongest clairs and how you can tap into them!

  1. Start connecting with your spirit guides!

  2. Connect with your higher self and actually let him/her guide you!

How do you do all of this? You take the Intuitive Development and Progression Course! If you feel you want a bit more or you’re beyond that them, Diving Deeper Into Spirit Communication or Coaching might be the right choice for you!

Now the big one! What Happens When A Spirit Doesn’t Cross Over?

We get to help the, of course, and it’s a lot easier than you might think! It’s all about a willingness and an intention. The first time I had to help a spirit cross over was during the reading that changed my life forever.

I crossed a spirit over with the help of a medium! (Learn how to help a spirit cross over in Diving Deeper Into Mediumship!)

Here are 3 old but good articles on Spirit Crossing Over!

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