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Feeling Energy & Spirit on Left Side vs Right Side

Feeling Energy & Spirit on Left Side vs Right Side 

When you are developing your intuitive gifts you may find it interesting to learn that the energy you receive often comes from either the left or the right side. That’s not to say it doesn’t come from a very internal place, but once you start getting a hang of this and really learn to hone in, you will TYPICALLY find that you receive most of your energy and communication from one side.

What does it mean to receive energy on the left or the right side?

Honing in on your intuitive gifts is a fun and ever interesting experience. There are a plethora of techniques for receiving your communications from spirit. Some of which you will even develop on your own. (We will talk about that in a minute)

As an intuitive teacher, I like to help my students identify HOW they are receiving before we really jump into the more technical issues.

You can receive intuitive information by hearing, feeling, knowing, seeing, and even by smell! When you receive these communications or guidance at first it may feel like it’s coming completely out of thin air. However, the more you focus in on it the more you typically find that it is coming from a certain direction. This can be of much assistance, later on. Trust me!

I have people say to me all the time

“I feel like I heard it on the right (or the left) but it’s very internal and is coming from inside my head. I feel crazy telling you this. You probably have no clue what I’m talking about”

I always laugh because I know EXACTLY what they are talking about.

Clairaudience is generally a very internal way to receive and can sound like your own voice or someone else’s. It does come from deep within “the head” though that deep feeling is actually your soul doing the connecting.

If you hone in a little bit more you will often find that while it’s deep in the center of your head, it is typically coming from one side or the other. This also applies to visions and feeling energy.

Why is this helpful?

Recognizing where the energy is coming from helps you to connect better with the spirit and discern what type of spirit it is.

For some, they receive females on the right and males on the left. Others receive high vibe spirits like spirit guides on the right and deceased loved ones or other “human” spirits on the left.

Then there are some that believe that if you receive energy from the left it’s “bad” and if you receive it from the right it’s “in the light”. Through all of my work and all of my connections with other mediums, I have not found this to be true.

Discernment is what will help you identify a dolphin from a shark. Not the direction in which they swam in from.

As you develop your practice you will start to build your own “library” so to speak. You may notice that when spirit is connecting with you clairvoyantly they will use specific directions to correspond with timelines. For example, my team uses the left for past, the center for the present, and the right for future.

You can also play around with your clairsentience by asking your team to give you feelings of energy on the right for “yes” and feelings on the left for “no”.

Spirit is known for coming in from the back as they don’t want to startle you. Still, it’s typically the back right or back left. Angels, archangels, and ascended masters typically come in from the direct front for me or all the way around almost like a blanket of intense energy.

The more you practice the more you will understand how spirit comes in for you. Receiving energy and spirit connection is a very individualized experience with a few general rules of thumb.

To learn more about how spirit connects, the different clairs, and how to manage your gifts, check out the intuitive development course!

This course walks you through each clair, how to work with it, how to connect with spirit, and most importantly who to do it all safely. You will do this by working through fears, doubts, setting boundaries, and learning to ground and protect your energy!

Find out more here! It’s all you need to get started and dive deeper into your spirit connections!

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