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Empaths, Spirits, And The Holidays! Managing Your Energy And Why Spirit Is Around More! 

Empaths, Spirits, And The Holidays! Managing Your Energy And Why Spirit IS Around More!

Can we just take a moment to take a big inhale and a lonnnnnnnngggggg expressive exhale? Like…we need a moment – our breath – our energy needs a moment. The last two years have been interesting, to say the least. While I believe things are getting much better in my world, it’s not like that for everyone.

There is still a lot of fear not only of COVID but also of what our future holds and how that looks, when you take this collective energy and sprinkle in a bit of holiday chaos wheeeewwwwww! Babe, things can get energetically exhausting quickly – even if you’re NOT the one in the fear state.

You know me, I choose to always view life and every situation from the highest perspective available to me, and that perspective comes directly from my spirit team. When I can’t see clearly, I turn to them. When I am hard on myself, I turn to them. When I see no way, no how – I remember the how isn’t up to me, and again I turn to my spirit guides.

All of that said, the uptick in energy can be felt with or without crazy world events. The holidays naturally come with hustling and bustling, massive amounts of events, and lots of interacting with other people.

Plus, if you’re like many, the holidays also stir up feelings of loneliness and grief.

Did you know it’s actually easier to connect with the deceased around the holidays?

3 reasons spirit is more active around the holidays!

  1. The veil is thin around the holidays as many people reminisce on old times. When we crave a hug from a passed loved one and keep replaying memories of them in our heads, it calls in deceased loved ones and creates a thin veil!

  2. Our loved ones want to be with us during special times! You may find you feel them, smell them, think of them more often around holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays! It’s not wishful thinking; this is them trying to let you know they are around!

  3. They want to comfort you. Honestly, your people (and pets) in spirit know when you’re hurting. Your spirit team (loved ones included) wants to comfort you. They love you so much more than you can comprehend, and they do their very best to comfort you.

To connect with any member of your team, deceased loved one, or otherwise, you have to call them in!

You have free will, which means spirit can’t over-step, so if you want them to help, give you a sign, or feel their energy say it out loud or internally! They don’t want to scare you or bother you, so they will hang back until you invite them in and until you’re ready! More on that in this article!

I was initially writing to let you know how I manage my energy during the holidays – both during the crazy times and the vibrant ones!

As empaths and intuitive people, we soak up a lottttttt of energy, and it can cause sensory overload during busy times like these! Even if you aren’t particularly busy – you WILL pick up on the collective energies!

The articles below will support your energy management during this time of year! And, Babe, remember this is just the tip of the iceberg! The best way to manage your energy is to do the next-level exercises I teach in the Intuitive Development Course! When you learn how your intuition works and how energy responds to you – that is when you fully take your power back!

Before you read the articles, here are a few quick signs you might be experiencing unmanaged empathic energy this holiday season!

  1. You’re tired all the time.

  2. You keep getting sick over and over again!

  3. Frequent headaches/spaciness

  4. Feeling like you’re being watched or like someone is around. (Clairsentience)

  5. Your “working” in your sleep or feeling like you were dreaming so intensely you got no rest! (Clairvoyance)

  6. You’ve been feeling overwhelmed, especially when in conversation or asked to do small tasks.

  7. You feel like you’re “hearing” everyone’s conversations when in a room of people. you get sensory overload! (Clairaudience)

  8. You keep getting signs to slow down! Maybe it’s illness, constantly stubbing your toe or hurting yourself, or weird situations that seem to be “blocking” you from moving forward.

All of these are signs your guides and your body are trying to tell you it’s time to learn some energy management! Use the articles below for a bit of insight, but if you’re ready (and I know you are), join me in the Intuitive Development Course!

This course has over 40 videos and a few bonus courses inside it, including how to connect with your spirit guides e-course!

(normally $1,300)! Plus, if you use this link, you can even set up a super easy payment plan.

I’m doing this special this month as a gift to you because I know this course is life changing. It has changed my and hundreds of other people’s lives. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or someone really trying to dive deep into mediumship, it will support you.

Yes, it’s the holidays, and I know that we are so busy gifting other people but what if we gave something to ourselves? Something to start 2022 off on a higher and more positive vibration?

Articles to support you throughout the holiday season!

What if we enter 2022 knowing how to weed out what isn’t serving us and what isn’t the truth and instead found our own? Just something for you to think about!

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