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Empaths, How To Deal With Social Anxiety

How do you deal with stress and anxiety when it comes to social situations?

If you’re empathic then you are at an even greater risk when it comes to social anxieties and events that involve many extroverts. Us empaths are often left feeling drained, stressed out, and even in a haze of brain fog after such events without proper energy management. (Learn how to manage your energy here)

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a Mind, Body, and Spirit Conference hosted by Edgar Cayce’s Association For Research And Enlightenment. As with any big event where I will be giving back to back readings or speaking in front of a crowd I started getting anxious a few days before.

In the past my technique for dealing with my anxiety surrounding certain situations has always been to ground, meditate, and then just not speak or think about it. Generally, it works out pretty well as I don’t get myself so worked up. Unless of course, it is something like a family gathering or a party that I’m hosting…then thinking about it is pretty unavoidable.

Synchronistically the evening before the big event I was guided to a new meditation by one of my favorite hypnotherapists, Michael Sealey. The title said something about controlling your mind; I had no clue it was going to give me a new technique for working through stress and anxiety!

The meditation itself is less than 12 minutes long so I do invite you to give it a try. Here is the link! I will, however, give a quick run through on the technique for those of you that want to get started right away!

Remember, this can be applied to basically any situation and you DO NOT have to be an intuitive, empath, or otherwise to do this. You just need a brain, an imagination, and an open mind!

Step 1.

Think about the upcoming situation that you will be facing. Is it a test, a meeting, a social engagement? Notice how the thought of walking into this space makes you feel.

Step 2.

Visualize yourself walking into the situation with your head held high and feelings of greatness surrounding you! It is very important to paint a very vivid picture.

See all of the people that will be there, what the room might look like, what you will be wearing, and even picture what is hanging on the walls.

See yourself walking in the space, engaging with people, and working through the situation with ease and joy.

Step 3.

See yourself walking out of the situation after it is over. Imagine that you knocked it out of the park! Visualize yourself strong, confident, accomplished, and energetic!

Just as you did in Step 2, paint a very vivid picture. Really put yourself into that space! FEEEEEELLLLLL IT!

Step 4.

Bring up the first image again and see the second image minimized somewhere in the corner. Almost as if you had hit the minimize button on your computer. Focus on image #1 again.

Step 5.

Switch them! Hit the “shrink button” on image #1. Then see and feel yourself in image #2 again.

Repeat this switching process at least three times. Be sure to really really put yourself in the moment and feel those feelings of gratitude, success, abundance, and joy in each vision.

This technique works like a charm and I have been sharing it with everyone lately! Thank you, Michael, for all you do! Listen to the full meditation below!

For more on what to do in an empathic energy crisis check out this article! 

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