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Did you just say I’m Clairvoyant?

After my grandfather passed I was lost. On top of being sad I was very pregnant and hormonal. I had thought about talking to a medium for a while but I could never muster up the courage. I got the number to a wonderful, down to earth lady, named Wendy. One of the first things she said to me was “you’re clairvoyant” and every reading I have had from her this has come up at least once during the session.

In this time of desperation I called Wendy praying to hear from my grandfather. I got nothin’. However what I did get was much more valuable. I got validation on what I had known deep down all along. I can connect to spirit myself.

“You’re not crazy, quit calling yourself crazy all the time. The things you see and hear, they are real.” I never once told her I felt like I was crazy and I definitely never told her I saw and heard things!

I owe so much to Wendy. She helped me come out of a dark time in my life, she helped me to not be afraid of spirit, and most importantly she helped me uncover who I truly am.

She suggested some books and movies I should watch to help me learn to love and accept myself. This was the best thing she could have done. It was hard at first to wrap my head around actually loving myself? Isn’t that considered….. oh I don’t know…self involved, cocky, conceited?

NO! In fact from everything I have be taught over the past few years, loving yourself is the best way to develop your abilities.

It’s weird at first to say affirmations, meditate, and tell yourself “I love you” but after a while you start to believe it. You recondition your thoughts to realizing what an amazing individual you are and once you do that, everything else just kind of falls into place. My entire outlook on life changed once I started to love myself.

The best part about this was finding my spiritual connection and realizing that I don’t have to be scared all the time (which caused part of my depression). No one was trying to “get me,” I just had loved ones who wanted my attention. After 20 something years of being

No one was trying to “get me,” I just had loved ones who wanted my attention. After 20 something years of being agnostic, I finally figured out that there was not only a Universal Source (God) that loved me but an entire fleet of spirit’s waiting in line to talk to me and they had been trying my entire life.

Since then I have connected to my grandparents countless times and other family members, including some I had never met! This gift has transformed my life in ways I can’t even explain and every day I am so thankful for it and so thankful for Wendy who gave me that push!



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