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Deja Vu and Past Lives

As we journey through life most of us have experienced moments of Deja Vu, often times this makes us feel confused and sometimes even a bit uneasy. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have experienced deja vu. Even before I started my spiritual development I knew that there had to be something more to these experiences, I mean, they felt so real! I was so connected to these moments of time and these conversations, yet they only lasted a minute or two. Maybe I had dreamt about these places or conversations before, but still, the question hovers…why?

Throughout my studies, meditations, and readings, I have come to the conclusion that deja vu has something to do with our past lives. If you are skeptical about reincarnation I invite you to keep an open mind as you continue through this article. It is my belief that most of us have lived past lives before; whether or not those lives have been previously lived on Earth is up to the spirit/individual. In other lives we have probably been with the same people, experienced similar or the same situations and this is why they feel familiar to us. As souls we choose our soul family before we ever come to this Earth; we choose the experiences we need to have (good and bad), and we choose the journey that is going to help us work out our karma.

Karma can and will follow us through the lifetimes. Each lifetime is a chance to heal the karma from the past, this is why so many people end up in karmic relationships! Karmic relationships are a chance to heal things from a past life, a new chance to learn and grow.

If we don’t heal the situations from the past we will basically keep reliving them until we get it right. Similar to the movie Groundhog Day!

In the first reading I bought for myself,  I was told I was a medium and that in a past life I was chased out of my village for being a witch doctor. During that life, I was truly helping people heal but because the people of my village did not understand, they were scared and I was tortured and then forced to leave.

In a different reading…with a different medium, I was told again that I was a medium in this and a past life. In that particular past life I was a witch…not the kind you see in movies but a witch that helped heal people. I was eventually burned at the stake as a result of my practice. Years after this reading I discovered the witch of Pungo and I sobbed like a baby reading her story.


The Witch of Pungo Statue – Image from

The Witch of Pungo was a farmer, a medicine woman, and a midwife; she  helped to  heal others with her herbs and tinctures (I still do this for my family). Her neighbors accused her of transforming into a cat, killing livestock, and damaging crops. In addition to those accusations, Grace Sherwood – The Witch of Pungo was accused of causing another woman to miscarry. Grace was the last known person in Virginia to be convicted of witchcraft. Eventually, after spending up to 8 years in jail and trial by ducking, Mrs. Sherwood was released. 

Back when I was receiving these readings I wasn’t ready to fully accept the reality of who and what I was...a medium. I didn’t quite understand the concept of past lives, but what I did know was that as I was being told about these past lives I could see them vividly. I could feel the emotions, see the landscapes, and I was getting vivid scenes from those lives. I’ve always had extreme moments of deja vu near abandoned houses and old landscapes where known witch activity has taken place.

My most recent experience with a past life was an intentional regression that I did last week. I went into the regression with no expectations, I called in my guides for protection, and I was reassured that I was safe.

As I approached my past life I saw myself as a young man dancing, laughing, and carrying on with what I assume were friend’s and family. This scene was mid-century and we were celebrating that I, a worker for the king had just found the courage to give him a prophecy.

The next scene was uncomfortable as I watched myself get persecuted and abused for giving this prophecy to the king…again I was accused of being evil and working with magic. The difference in this lifetime was that I took it…I stood up for what I believed in and no matter how painful it was I took it. I had the courage to stand up and speak my truth and this time I wasn’t backing down. I was trying to save everyone around me.

This life was in full alignment with the other two past lives! I may have been presented as a different person but the scenarios were all similar. In each life I was a medium of some sort, helping others, and I was eventually  forced to exile in one way or another. This life I am still a medium, I am still helping others, but I am being embraced instead of chased off! 

I have had past life dreams where I wasn’t even in a body and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced…I felt so at home. Have you ever felt a longing for home but you don’t know exactly where that is? You could be longing for a home in  past life! I understand that all of this sounds a littttttle strange, especially if it’s your first time reading about it,  I felt that way at one time too. Eventually, someone recommended a book to me called The Three Waves Of Volunteer and The New Earth by Delores Cannon and it confirmed sooooo many experienced I had encountered throughout my life.

Delores was a hypnotherapist and specialized in taking people on past life regressions. Her books are recollections of sessions with clients, straight from her recordings. The clients and her have conversations while the client is hypnotized and this is how Delores gained all of her information. If you have never heard of her and you want to check out one of her books I recommend starting with The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth! I am currently reading her series called the Convoluted Universe, you can find that here!

If you are interested in journeying to a past life I highly recommend this meditation!

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