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Dealing with Death, Finding Comfort in the Loss

Grief, what is it? By definition, grief is a deep sorrow caused by someone’s death. Grief comes in many forms and everyone has their own way of dealing with it. I have lost friend’s, grandparents, pets, and distant relatives. My reactions are usually different but there is one thing in common with the death of a bestfriend or a great uncle you have only met once….you feel a sense of loss.

When I lost my grandmother it was the most horrific pain I had ever felt. For the 3 years prior I knew it was coming but nothing could have prepared me for that type of pain.

When friends passed away I always hurt but I usually felt a sense of guilt…could I have done more to help them?

When my grandfather passed away I wondered “did he know how much I loved and appreciated him?”

Every death is different but since I have accepted my gifts I have realized that there is a lot more to death than just well, death. Sometimes a major event, such as death can trigger an intuitive awakening and that is what happened to me as I explained in My Story Part 2.

My abilities started slowly opening up after my grandmother died and I was of course freaked out at first but I felt this sense of comfort at the same time. I knew someone was with me on the other side and that felt pretty good. When my grandfather passed away that is when I fully accepted I had a gift. As I stood at his bedside I felt this peacefulness that I can’t explain. I felt calm, secure, and safe. I was sad of course but this time I didn’t cry right away…I don’t think I cried for a few hours because I knew that he was still there. That is when I started to realize maybe there really is life after death.

“But we aren’t all mediums ya know?” 

I get that; but next time you’re really missing a loved one….try this. Sit in a quiet place and ask them for a sign. It can be specific or non-specific it’s up to you…and then give them a time frame….a week is usually good.

It really works!

My godmother lost her sister about 2 years ago and was talking to me about it one day so I gave her the advice listed above. She was open to the idea but didn’t really believe it would work….

A WEEK LATER she called me “Ashley! You’re not going to believe this….I have mice in my house from the field next door and we are seeing bunny rabbits everywhere too!” 

Me – “Uhhhh….okayyyy….? You see this as a good thing?

Her – “You don’t understand the day before I had the song Little Bunny Foo Foo stuck in my head all day for no reason!!” She was so excited and I was trying hard not to ask her what she was on…..

Me – “Still not following sorry….are you okay?”

Her now almost yelling at me – “THAT SONG WAS A RUNNING JOKE BETWEEN MY SISTER AND I! YOU TOLD ME TO ASK FOR A SIGN AND SHE TOTALLY DELIVERED! She put that song in my head and I swear those mice in my house…she think’s she’s funny! Thank you so so so so much, I love you!”

She still talks about it and has even repeated twice…..I like to be more specific with my signs but that was a pretty good one!

I know that death is hard and admittedly I still cry about the loss of my grandparents from time to time….not because I feel that they are gone but because I want a hug. I want to walk into their house and hear “hey little girl!” from my grandpa even though I’m in my 20’s. I want to go shopping and have long talks with my grandma and hear her crazy loud laugh. I just want to hug them in person.

I know that the pain never goes away but I hope that like me, you can find comfort in the sense of knowing that you now have even more support on the other side. Talk to them….they are listening and they still love you. You may actually be surprised at what you hear back!

 I encourage you to try the tip above and if you would like more of a connection you can always schedule a reading and we can get you connected!

As always…

Light, Love, and Spirit!

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