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Can Spirit Guides Help with Relationships?

Relationships are weird, and they can be complicated, am I right? It’s like “hey… you’re a cute human. I like your face. Do you want to hang out together for a really long time and see how things go?” Most of us search for another human to share in the experience of life with. Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re still looking for your perfect human you might be asking the question “can spirit guides help with relationships?

Spirit guides are fantastic at helping us in all situations as long as we remember to invite them in. Our spirit guides don’t want to cause a rift, scare us, or overstep their bounds (unlike some mothers-in-law’s) but if we desire their help we have to ask!

Your spirit guide won’t do all of the work when it comes to relationships, but they certainly can act as the perfect wingman! Once you ask for your spirit guide’s help, you may find synchronicities leading you to someone special or signs that your person is on the way.

Destiny, freewill, and patterns, of course, all play a role in who we end up with as well. When we remember, however, to ask the universe to get involved, we start to align with those who serve us instead of those that don’t.

If you asked your guides to help you find a partner –

  1. Pay attention to nudges or pulls towards a different spot for coffee in the morning.

  2. Become aware of your surroundings, and if you feel a pull towards someone, follow it.

  3. If someone falls in your path that isn’t your “type” give them a chance anyway! (Your guides know what they are doing.)

  4. Meditate and ask your guides who might show up for you and see if you get any images!

  5. Be open-hearted and open-minded to the signs and signals your guides send you! They are trying to push you in the right direction.

Can guides help when a relationship is on the rocks?

Your spirit guides can absolutely help when your relationship is feeling less lovey-dovey and more oowey-gooey! I use the below exercise when my husband and I are not seeing eye to eye, or I feel like we need to reconnect on a spiritual level!

Spirit guides can help with relationships using this exercise!

  1. Sit quietly in meditation, taking a few deep breaths in and out to get grounded.

  2. Call on your higher-self and the higher-self of your partner.

  3. Call on your spirit guides and your partner’s spirit guides.

  4. Ask them to work together to help the two of you get on the same page, rekindle your flame, fix your finances…whatever the issue is.

  5. Thank both of your teams for loving the two of you unconditionally and for their help.

  6. Then you wait!

You may notice that over the next few days things get more relaxed or maybe your partner does something special for you. It may not be anything significant but understand that subtle shifts in perspective and more fluid conversations come from asking for the help of your guides!

What NOT to do.

Do not try to connect with your partner’s guides to see what is going on with him or her. Reading your partner without permission is unethical and a total invasion of energetic privacy! As tempting as it is just don’t do it. Take it from a seasoned energetic overstepper….just don’t do it!

Your guides can and want to help you in your relationships you just have to remember to ask!

With love, Ashley

P.S. To learn more about connecting with your guides or how to tap into your own intuitive side working with me directly or taking a course at your own pace is a great way to expand, manage, and grow your intuitive connections! 

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