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Awakening And Relationships. Feeling Disconnected After Awakening?

Awakening is a beautiful, wonderful, and confusing process. It's shedding the skin you've worn for the world to reveal who you are at your core. It guides you towards acceptance of the true self and reveals the beautiful, soft, loving soul that you are!

While incredibly beautiful, awakening can feel messy and isolating at times.

You see, most of us are conditioned into becoming who we THINK others need us to be. We take on beliefs, personalities and operate in manners that we believe will make other people happy and comfortable.

In a way, before our awakenings, we are simply playing a role, living out a character that we have created alongside society, our family, and friends.

Eventually, we start feeling the resistance to this character and, during awakening, are led deeper into the true self and further away from the role we've been playing.

During this process, we can feel as if it's hard to connect with those around us. We may feel like the people we love are falling away, and our "old life" isn't fitting in with our new.

Today's episode is about how to recognize changes in relationships and why they happen during awakening and transformation!

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To navigate and understand all aspects levels and what to expect when shifting through awakening, be sure to check out the Intuitive Development Course! Here you will learn about fear, doubt, self-reflection, and connection, how to work with and understand all aspects of your intuition, and more!

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