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Spiritual Awakening Changing Relationships

Spiritual Awakening Changing Relationships

So, you’re super into crystals, intuition, and changing your life, right? There is a problem, though, isn’t there? You’re not sure how everyone around you is going to take it. You’re changing inside and the things you used to love to talk about don’t really spark any interest anymore, does this sound familiar? Even those closest to you are starting to feel out of alignment with you you’re becoming, and it’s FREAKING you out! What is happening, and what are you supposed to do when you’re awakening?

First, take a deep breath friend, its all going to work out, I promise! When you’re awakening, life starts to look drastically different, both internally and externally.

Know that you’re not alone in your awakening though it may feel like it.

Awakening can feel like you’ve stepped into a parallel universe. The people you once surrounded yourself don’t seem to fit the way they once did. Your new life might seem magical yet messy. Beautiful yet scary. And familiar yet oh so unfamiliar.

Awakening can often feel like you’re having an identity crisis! The people around you might be wondering if you are too!

You might ask yourself things like, “Who am I? What am I doing? Since when do I not love a good gossip? Why am I so annoyed by the people I love the most? I don’t want to watch the same shows, do the same things, or hang out with the same people. What is happening to me?”

As you awaken, your vibration and state of consciousness rise. You then start to focus on the things and people that serve you vs. what does not!

It doesn’t mean you’re judging them or that you don’t love those people anymore. Instead, it means that you’ve opened your eyes, and you’ve gained a more heightened perspective. Your higher self now knows that gossip is negative energy, getting worked up, and going off on someone in your head is a psychic attack. It also knows that being around people living in a different vibrational state is draining to you.

People will fall out of your life when you begin to awaken!

Take a deep breath …it’s going to be okay! It’ might happen, but if it does, it’s all for your good and in your favor. I have been through and seen the following two scenarios happen most often.

Awakening and relationships scenario #1

As you’re pushed out of your comfort zone and start exploring new parts of life and yourself, you may find that you’re not a vibrational match for the people you once surrounded yourself with.

Even before you start talking about all things mystical, the Universe is prepping your energy to make space for the people and situations that will serve and uplift you. Long before you know it, the Universe starts shifting things around. Sometimes this means that even your very best friend may fall out of your experience, or your long term relationship comes to a head.

I am telling you this to prepare you, not to scare you. Awakening makes space for new energies and people in your life!

About 6 months before my awakening started, my best friend of 6 years suddenly quit talking to me. My heart was broken.

She gave no reason, no explanation, nothing. She deleted me off of all social media and wouldn’t answer my texts. I was so beside myself because friendships mean family to me and always have.

A month or so later, I started hanging out with a girl I had only met a few times. I was SO nervous about hanging out with a new group of people. Would they like me, would they be different, would they be fun?

As synchronicity would have it when I met my new friend to go to the beach, she was with a very dear old friend of mine! This made my transition into a new group comfortable and easy. Now, eight years later, we are all like family! We’ve all been to and in each other’s weddings, watched our babies grow, and continue to do birthdays and holidays together!

Did my awakening push people out of my life to make room for new people?

You bet cha! I couldn’t see it then, but my awakening made the energetic space for a group of friends that genuinely values me. The Universe removed people from my life that maybe didn’t have my best interest at heart at the time.

(My old best friend and I have since made up, but it took years and me forgiving her before she ever asked before she came back into my life.)

The Universe knows what it’s doing, and even when things are painful, we have to trust in divine timing!

Relationship Scenario #2

The people around you are going to be uncomfortable with the changes you’re making. They might push back at you because they are not ready for your changes!

You’re becoming someone else to them though you’re just returning to who you’ve always been. As you upgrade your language, heal your patterns, and accept less toxic behavior in your life, those who aren’t ready to walk the same path as you aren’t necessarily going to like or support it.

Family, partners, and friends will get over it if they’re meant to stay in your life!

My mom was probably the hardest relationship for me to deal with when I was going through my awakening. I started to see how negative her language was and how strong her lack mindset was. I noticed it because it was all the patterns I was trying to undo within myself!

Talking to her and hearing things like “stupid, idiot, or hate”, every few words began to feel like daggers to my solar plexus.

I started setting firm, energetic boundaries for myself. I stated that I wasn’t available to engage in specific conversations and reminded her that the world wasn’t so bad. When I told her about how I was creating space for myself and putting myself first, there was a lot of push-back. In her mind, as a mother, that was selfish for me to do.

Then I noticed other family members’ behavior and how toxic it was to my new energy. I had to lovingly distance myself.

Remember distancing yourself, setting loving boundaries, and creating personal space is not wrong. Again, people will be uncomfortable with it but you, YOU are doing the work. You are breaking whole generational mindsets and patterns, and babe, that’s a big job!

During your awakening, think of yourself as a baby you have to protect! You need to nurture that fresh energy and do whatever you have too to lovingly protect it from harm.

It was also harrowing having my husband tell me he didn’t recognize me. He said he didn’t know the person I was becoming.

Having the person you love the most tell you they don’t recognize you is scary. The real cue that I was on the right path came when I realized that this is who I had always been. I was meant to heal, I was meant to do this work.

I realized that my awakening showed me that I had say in my life and power to stand in who I was. I permitted myself to be unapologetic about my healing and my returning to self.

Something shifted when I stood up for myself with the people I loved most. Not only did I gain clarity on who I was and build a stronger relationship to myself, but the people around me started to shift too.

Your awakening affects both you and your relationships!

We lead by example, when we do this work. Shift happens when we accept and adore who we are and don’t go backward to make others comfortable,

They will eventually come along for the ride, or we will be guided towards something better. The Universe won’t lead us astray. It’s our job to trust and stay strong.

P.S. all these years later and my husband is my biggest supporter, we have had two amazing kids, and manifested so much that we once dreamed of. Trust yourself, trust spirit, trust timing.

You’ve got this, Love Ashley

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