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Angelic Beings, Angelic Visitation, and Dream Meaning

You may have noticed that recently I’ve been talking more about angels, angelic beings, and even ascended masters. We have been especially focusing on the topic of divine beings within The spirited Life Membership recently. To be honest, a while back I was uncomfortable with the thought of working with angels and was very cautious about speaking publicly about them.

I’m not sure if it was the conditioning of society that had me thinking it was wrong to claim to connect with such divine beings or that I didn’t think that lil’ ol’ me was special enough to be able to do so. Whatever it was, the entire topic made me a bit uncomfortable.

I’ve shifted though as we all seem to do throughout our growth process. We change, we grow, and we learn new lessons. As we grow our perspective shifts and as our perspective shifts so to do we.

A few months back I started to consistently call in my angels, guardian angels, ascended masters, and the arch-angels. I would invite them into my life, call them into meditation, and ask for their help in specific situations. Almost immediately I started feeling their response and seeing their work in action.

You see, with angels and the like we have to invite them in. They want to help and are eager to do so but unless it is an emergent situation they aren’t going to interfere without permission!

As I started to invite them in I noticed that they don’t communicate the way I am used too. They don’t often use words or even vivid imagery (not for me at least). Angelic beings use energy, inspired thought, downloads, and feelings.

You will know when they are working with you because you will see the signs EVERYWHERE! Angels and divine beings want us to know we are supported and though we can’t see them they are near.

I’d like to share with you now the most powerful dream I have ever had. 

The dream was so vivid that to this day I still can remember it as if I were there and it was happening in real time.

I was running as fast as I could while carrying a beautiful and ancient looking box. The box was actually an urn for a deceased person.

This person’s loved-one was chasing me, crying, and pleading with me to give them the box. They weren’t ready to let go and deeply did not want me to release the ashes.

In the dream, I remember asking myself:

“Why am I doing this? Why won’t I give them with loved-one’s ashes?”

But as hard as I tried to stop running, hand over the ashes, and console the loved-one….I just couldn’t.

I was running and running as if my life depended on it. I remember being so pulled by the spirit as if it were my mission to “let it go and release it”.

I kept running.

Eventually, I came to what reminded me of a shipping dock. It was a concrete platform with thick ropes to keep you from going into the water.

As I looked out the water was a deep and magnificent blue. Across the way were stunning mountains. The sky was blue with big puffy clouds and no one else was around.

I remember crying hysterically. Shouting to the loved-one that I was sorry. I told him we had to do this – we had to release the spirit. He had to let go….

Just as he caught up to me I unlatched the box and THREW the entire thing into the water.

He stood there next me to not saying a word. Only sobbing. I remember feeling him say “How could you do this? I wasn’t ready” though he never uttered a word.

The next thing I know the ashes began to rise out of the water and form a spirit body.

As I looked at the spirit it looked old, grey, and ill.

It came out of the water and looked at it’s loved-one and said:

“It’s time to let me go. I am at peace now. I can be at peace now. You’ve granted me a beautiful gift by letting me go. Now I can come back to you. Now I can love you still and support you.”

The spirit smiled gently embodying the most beautiful energy I’ve ever felt. I looked over at the loved-one. He was smiling too…still with tears dripping down his face. Then I looked down. The box – the urn – was back up on land with us. Dry. Shining. Open and magical.

The loved-one and I watched as this spirit elevated higher and higher.

As she made her ascent she looked healthier and happier the higher she went.

The next and very last thing I saw in the dream was this spirit outside of Earth.

She showed me herself as large as the Earth. Surrounding the entire Earth with her energy and love. She was beaming with the brightest and most loving smile I’ve ever seen.

I woke up knowing that it was an angel trying to tell me and show me how supported we all are. All of us.

End dream.

That dream was so moving and powerful that when I think about it I almost brought to tears. So many messages within one dream.

Message 1:

Grieving is hard. Hard on us and those that want to help us. It’s also hard on the spirit. When we don’t let them go, just a little bit, we hold them back in a sense. They need to move on and ascend. They have work to do, they have more love to give and more support to give than we can ever fathom. When we let them go they can support us in the most unimaginable ways.

Message 2:

I was trying to help both the spirit and the loved-one. I was working to help them both heal. Internally I could feel the loved-one’s pain but I knew my mission was to release the spirit so that it could help everyone to heal.

I didn’t understand until a friend pointed it out but as she mentioned, this is what we do. Our work as mediums is so sacred and so healing…we often don’t even realize the impact that this work is making across the board.

Message 3:

We are supported. So so so supported beyond our wildest dreams. The image of the angel wrapping the world in her love and sending healing here still takes my breath away. This is what we need. This is what IS happening even if we can’t see it.

So I ask this of you; please talk to your angels and spirit team even if you don’t hear them back. Don’t give up on them …they want to help and they love you.

We can’t see the air that we breathe, we can’t touch it, we can’t taste it. We know however that it is there sustaining life and supporting us.

Spirit is the same.

Call them into your experience, trust in their love, talk to them and invite them in.

With love,


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