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Am I Clairaudient?

As I type this I am having a ringing in my ears, this is a sign that you have a connection to spirit.

“But everyone hears a ringing from time to time”

You are correct, but this is different. This is an air pressure change and a more of an internal ringing; it’s usually a higher pitch. When I first realized I had clairaudient abilities (my strongest gift) I started hearing this ringing all the time and it drove me crazy! Then I stumbled across an article on another blog that explained what was happening and it made total sense.

If you’ve never had any spiritual experiences and don’t think you have a gift but still have ringing in the ears…then you might wanna get that checked out, know what I’m sayin’? However, if you go to the doctor and they have no explanation, congrats…you might be clairaudient!

Here are a few different things that could be going on if you’re hearing a ringing in your ears frequently.

  1. Your guides or a high vibrational spirit are trying to get your attention.

  2. You are simply hearing things at a higher vibrational level.

  3. You’re tuning in to your clairaudience.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear those in spirit. This could be your higher self, angels, archangels, guides, Etc. This is usually internally but can be external as well.

My entire life when my head hit the pillow at night I start hearing bits and pieces of conversations. These come from people or spirit that I have never met. For the longest time I tried to tune in but now I realize it’s kind of like a radio signal. Sometimes it doesn’t come in clear and that’s OK because that station isn’t for your area. What I mean is I am picking up these conversations but they aren’t necessarily meant for me to hear.

The flip side to that is when I AM meant to hear something.  This is usually intentional, during mediation, or when I am doing something mundane like driving or cooking. I have always thought I had a really bad problem with talking to myself… full on conversations in my head…can you say WEIRDO? NOPE! I have been talking to spirit my entire life without realizing it! Newsflash…you probably have too!

This is usually your higherself, a guide, or a loved one popping in. You can tell because these three spirits will never steer you wrong! They are here with the highest of intentions for you and love you so much more than you could ever imagine. They are always with you; guiding you and pushing you in the right direction. I will have a post dedicated to the higherself and spirit guides later on.

When I meditate or give a reading I usually hear and see. I see with my third eye and hear internally. Most of the time the messages make sense but sometimes they are a little weird. Here is an example from a reading a few weeks ago.

I was giving this wonderful lady a reading and I heard that she would be meeting this very tall awkward man and he would become a very important part of her life. I knew nothing about this woman so I kinda giggled at telling her this person would be awkward. She kept asking if it would be romantically and I told her I wasn’t certain but I didn’t feel that it was. Fast forward to last week and she told me that a very tall, VERY awkward man had approached her and wouldn’t even make eye contact! She is now working for that man, YAY! She told me that had she not had that reading with me she would have never even spoke to him. Apparently, he looked at the wall when he spoke and it made her highly uncomfortable. She was very thankful for the odd information spirit gave her as she found a new job and a new important person in her life!

Spirit works in weird ways. They give weird messages and strange symbols and while they may not make sense at first….the message usually becomes evident at the perfect time.

Can you do me a favor this week? Take some time to just sit. Be still. Be in the moment, and see if your higherself speaks up. You might be surprised!

If you think you’re clairaudient and want to develop your abilities or learn to manage them I invite you to check out the 5-Week Intuitive Development Program! 

Love and light to you all!

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