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Acceptance and Grief. Why We Need To Let Go…

Last night I had a really cool experience that I am super excited to write about when the time is right. Today isn’t the day BUT this experience has helped me to hear even more clearly…pure awesomeness!

Remember in my article What Is That Smell where I explained that sometimes a spirit let’s us know they are near by the smell we remember them by? Well this entire week I have been smelling my grandmother like CRAZY! I haven’t really tuned in but she just popped in and there was no denying it! She’s actually the reason for this article right now.

“She has to let us go so we can come back”

Grandma just popped in to talk to me about my mother and some current family issues. She told me my mom is really struggling with some things and while we may have our differences, she needs my love right now even if I’m not physically sitting next to her.

“Okay” I said “I get it, but why can’t you guys visit her….your loss is the main reason for her sadness.”

and then I heard something I’ve never heard before; she said that for her and my grandfather to visit my mother …she has to let go of her grief. Now to me this seems kind of opposite….wouldn’t YOU think that if spirits were near…ESPECIALLY  your parents they would comfort you in your time of need? Knowing what I know now…it kind of makes sense. Think about it this way….if you’re still grieving the loss of a loved one you haven’t completed the 5 steps ….the final one being …you guessed it ACCEPTANCE!

“We have been watching her and sending her love, we know she’s hurting and we want to help her, but there are some life lessons she has to learn on her own and this is one of them. She has to let go of us before we can come back.”

I’m sure that this is not the case in every scenario, but if the attachment is this strong it does make total sense to me.

If you’re reading this and you’re still mourning the loss of someone you loved that is okay; part of being human is experiencing loss. Just know my dear friend’s that your loved one’s want you to know it is OKAY to let them go! This doesn’t mean you’re forgetting them or you love them any less. This means you’re allowing them to move on, allowing yourself to heal, and allowing them to come back to you in different ways.

Love and Light to all of my reader’s. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

I’d love to try and help you connect to your loved one’s and support team on the other side! Click here to schedule a reading with me! 

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