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6 Things To Do During Coronavirus Quarantine 

What To Do During Coronavirus Quarantine

Most of our world is braving uncharted waters right now as we navigate this Coronavirus Pandemic. With so much uncertainly and fear, we have been asked to self-quarantine for the next few weeks. While there are jokes about introverts having prepared for this their entire lives, the truth is with so much fear in the air; it can be hard to relax.

During Coronvavirus quarantine, we must remember to stay strong, be a light for all, and take care of ourselves.

Anxiety and fear weaken the immune system, which is literally the opposite of what we need right now. We need to be loving, supportive, and mindful of our thoughts and actions. Why not use this time to return? Return to center to our spirit, return to forgotten family values, and return to calm. I know, easier said than done, right?

Here are 6 things you can do during Coronavirus Quarantine to help yourself and others!

1. Be mindful of the energy behind your actions.

As stated in the video below, the energy you put into what you do is far more critical than what you are actually doing! For example, we know that we need to be washing our hands thoroughly right now, but what is your energy behind the handwashing?

Are you scrub a dub dubbin’ out of fear?

Are you panicking and scrubbing while thinking of how you don’t want to get sick? The thoughts in your head are they of how you’re so afraid of catching this horrible illness? Are you scrubbing your skin off thinking of how you must do everything you can to prevent yourself and your family from catching this?


Are you lovingly washing your hands?

Are you feeling the soap and water on your hands? Can you use this time to breathe and be mindful as you feel the water touches your skin (also an excellent exercise for clairsentience)? Do you find yourself having gratitude for the hot running water and cleaning soap? Do you think about what a privilege it is to help keep the world in a healthy place by merely doing your part?

The idea is so simple, but if you go to the sink right now and try washing those hands in each of these vibrations, you will feel a massive shift. During coronavirus quarantine (and always), remember that the energy you put into whatever it is you’re doing matters more than the thing itself!

2. Use this time to get reacquainted with yourself!

My clients tell me all of the time that they don’t have time to meditate. They tell me they would LOVE to connect with their spirit guides, but they just don’t have the time to invest. I’ve also had many people claim that they want to meet their higher selves, work on their intuition, and just remember who they are, but there is no time.

Now though, the kids are home, and you’re basically homeschooling, and you still have work of your own to do. There are a trillion things to do, and you’re exhausted because of all of this. Even so, my friend, you now have the time to do all the things you’ve been talking about doing.

That’s right, I am calling you out, and I don’t have any shame about it! What to know why? Because friend, my husband, just worked 14 days in a row, my kids are home, I work from home, and the house is crazy. I still make time each day for me. YOU HAVE TO; you deserve to; there are NO EXCUSES!

During quarantine, you have to take time for yourself, and this is honestly the perfect time of year to do it.

Spring just started, which means rebirth. The energy is perfect for rebirthing yourself, getting to know yourself, and beginning a self-care routine. Honestly, the best way to show up for those around you is to show up for yourself first. You will be much calmer, happier, and even have more energy, I promise!

3. Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do!

There will never be the perfect day to start your business, expand your spiritual practice, or finish reading that book you started a year ago. Right now, though, right now is the perfect time to get started! If you’ve always thought of starting an online business or blog, let me tell you, right now is the time to do it! Everyone is looking for something to read, something to do, and a new hobby. Friend, people are bored!

What you have to offer might be exactly what they need.

Get started today! Start the business, start the course, start the book, finish the book, clean the closet out. Whatever it is, just get started and quit letting the weight of what you want to do sit on your shoulders!

During quarantine, get to it! Do the things you’ve wanted to do!

Ideas and to-do lists will weigh on you so hard. $12.00 bills that need to be paid, unfinished projects, procrastination even in the smallest form takes up valuable mental space. Use this time to clear the mental clutter. When you have cleared the mental clutter, you will permit yourself to do the thing because there is no longer a thing that needs to be done. Get it?

4. Meditate while you are stuck at home!

Meditate! It’s great for your health, your vibration, and it’s an excellent example for the kids. It will help with the “stuck at home blues,” give you a break for the fear-mongering, and basically hit the reset button!

5. Return to traditions

This is the one thing that has come up over and over again. Family traditions have been minimized while our attention and devotion to screens is at an all-time high. What if we took this time to reconnect with our families?

  1. Take a walk with the whole family.

  2. Talk with your neighbors (at a safe social distance).

  3. Play with your pets.

  4. Just freaking, sit in the yard, and do nothing!

  5. Make dinner social again!

  6. Get a head start on your garden.

  7. Talk to your kids!

  8. Play a family game!

It has come through so strong that we are meant to take this time to reconnect! Reconnect with ourselves, the ones we love, and yes, even our fellow humans! Maybe this time is for us to remember what it’s like to be human?

6. During quarantine, ask your spirit what you can do to serve?

Can you send more intentional love and healing to the world? Should you ask your angels to come in a little closer? What about sending physical supplies to less fortunate countries? It’s terrible here y’all, but there are so many suffering and in much worse conditions.

At the time of quarantine, can you be supportive to someone scared and suffering? Can you take the time to check in on a family member via an actual phone call? During this time, can you find something new to be grateful for?

Just one more thing, because I know that spirit is exactly what we need at this time I want you to know how to connect. I am positive that learning to protect your energy, giving yourself something so positive to focus on, and healing your vibration will support you!

I am having a sale this week to give everyone a chance to start something new and supportive.

This is coming from an authentic place of the heart. I know without a doubt that this work will ultimately support you through this and all of life. You will be able to see the support out there for you and actually feel it. I know in my gut that starting and growing a spiritual practice will help you thrive in uncertain conditions. I am planted firmly in this and want to help you; however, I can.

If there is something that you want and don’t see and can’t afford, then reach out, and we will figure it out. I am ready to serve and help you through this. Take this time to connect with yourself, and if you don’t see a way out, let’s genuinely chat! You can reach me at

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