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4 Things to do during a Crisis…an Energy Crisis

Today I am so honored to have Emily Fraley guest posting on Light Love and Spirit!

Emily is an intuitive and healer from St. Augustine Florida. She loves to walk the beach and is an expert at finding spirit signs. Emily and her husband love to comb the beach for sea glass, eat vegan food, and spend time with their two littles.

So without further adieu, Emily you have the floor!

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and I’m so glad to be here at Ashley’s little space on the internet! I’ve known Ashley for just over a year and during that time we’ve bonded over our spiritual growth and we have grown very close. I’m very honored that she’s asked me to guest post!

I am an energy intuitive (aka empath); this can often make life out in the world an overwhelming place for me! I tend to absorb other people’s energy and feel my own emotions very strongly. I work very hard to keep myself grounded and protected, but sometimes the emotions and energy is just too much to handle! So what do I do when that happens?

I’ll be honest, up until recently I thought I had no choice but to feel it. I had become very good at realizing it after the fact, but I was still struggling in the moment. I’d find myself exhausted at the end of the day and by the end of the week… if I didn’t get to the ocean for some powerful grounding I’d be in down for the count. I would either be in bed with a migraine, a stomach ache, or just be too tired to even lift my arms.

I kept telling myself that there had to be a better way! I wanted to keep myself as an open channel for the divine, but working with the public was having a negative effect on my quality of life.

Let me start by saying that I’m not very political.. Sure I have my opinions but I keep them to myself. I’m not one of those “in your face with my beliefs people.” In fact it baffles me how many people waste their energy fighting with other people over it, especially on the internet. Facebook is a major energy drain y’all!

So Monday of this week a presidential candidate (that I am not a fan of) came to my small town for a rally. This rally was a mile away from my place of employment!  It’s finally time to clock out when 2:00 pm comes and I get in my car to pick my kids up from school, by this time I was irritated! The person who was relieving me was late because she was stuck in traffic, then I got out into the traffic, and then I got mad… Let me just say, I don’t get mad; luckily anger is not an emotion that I have to deal with often.

By the time I finally got home I was raging to anyone who would listen; I had picked up all of this collective anger! I was caught up in the fear and It was coming at me from every direction. I excused myself to meditate; recognizing that I once again had absorbed the energy of the world around me. In meditation I begged my guides for an answer.

“What could I do when I am faced with emotions that get the best of me?”

Our guidance system is amazing WHEN WE SEEK IT and I got a great program to use that I want to share with you all!

Step 1.

“Recognize that you are in a ENERGY CRISIS.”

Wow.. that really resonated with me. Yes! An energy crisis.

That’s the sort of statement that you can use to stop your pattern right in its tracks. A sort of blanket statement for big emotions that may or may not belong to you.

“Ok I can do this, I can recognize that I’m in an energy crisis when it’s happening.”

So I took this new statement into my life and the next day BOOM! I find myself in an energy crisis, so I connected to my guides and said “ok! I’m here! I’m in this! Now what?”

Step 2.

“Feel where the energy is stuck in your body and witness what chakra it coincides with.”

Is it your heart? Solar plexus? Throat?

When you recognize that the big emotion you’re feeling is stuck energy, all of a sudden you have taken back your power! You aren’t a slave to your emotions anymore! How freeing is that?

Which brings us to…

Step 3.

“Move the energy out.”

You may need to use different techniques depending on the situation, but start by feeling the block and breathing into it.

I have been using prayer, affirmation, and intention to move the energy. Do this for as long as it takes until the energy starts to move out. It should feel lighter, less constricted, and cleaner.

Step 4.

You can do this for any situation in which you find yourself in an “energy crisis.” I like to keep a list of affirmations on my phone’s notepad that I can use for different situations that arise for me.

Remember to witness your emotions without judgement. Separating yourself from them will keep you from identifying with them.

I hope this helps you and I’d love to hear if using this system has made a difference in your life!

Remember your guides, angels and higher self want to help you! All you have to do is ask for help and learn to listen; then watch your life change dramatically!

With love,



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