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You Prayed For This! Use Gratitude To Manifest!

You Prayed For This! Use Gratitude To Manifest!

Do you ever just pause and think about how you have so many things that you once prayed for?

How often do you actually let the feeling of success, achievement, and gratitude sink in once you accomplish a goal or gain something you’ve long prayed for?

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions. It can help you overcome fear, push you past your limitations, and help you to manifest even more to be thankful for in your life.

You Can Manifest With Gratitude Alone!

As I sit here, writing this article, my heart is exploding with gratitude. It’s 7:30 AM on a Saturday, and it’s pouring wildly out here. I can feel a mist of rain every once in a while, and I’m laughing because I NEVER work or write on Saturdays. The kids are inside watching cartoons and being nice to each other. I came outside to sit under my covered porch to drink my Yogi Tea (Positive Tangerine is my fav). I’m painting this picture because it is incredibly significant; it’s what prompted me to write when I should be meditating.

This moment, this scene, this porch, and this rain made my heart explode with gratitude. I manifested this moment. I once prayed for this (and I forgot that I did until just now!)

To you, the rain might seem bleak, and the kids watching TV might seem like nothing special at all. The thing is this morning I started my routine as I always do.

My Weekend Morning Routine

  1. 6:00 AM wake up

  2. Then yoga

  3. Back porch tea sippin’

  4. Start journaling

  5. My son comes outside at 7:00 for our “morning moment.”

  6. Then it was time to get the little one up at 7:15

  7. Reheated my tea

  8. Took the little one to the potty

  9. Got them situated/breakfast

  10. And returned to the porch to meditate and journal.

Today was different though the routine was the same. Instead of plugging directly into my journal, I just took in the scene, and I asked if my Higher Self or Spirit Team had anything for me.

What came next was an overwhelming amount of gratitude.

I was given a vision of me about five years ago sitting on my back porch in this same spot but in a rusted folding metal chair with my laptop. WordPress was open on my computer, and I was trying my best to figure out how to expand my blog into an actual website.

I was having a burnout and took a personal day from my corporate job. My son still went to daycare that day, and I didn’t even tell my husband I had stayed home. I just needed personal and mental space as I knew my corporate time was coming to an end, but I didn’t know where I was going.

My spirit was so tired, but something kept pushing me to keep going and trust in the Universe! I was grateful because, in my heart, I knew that this would one day be my normal.

I remember praying at that moment with tears in my eyes to allow me to do this. Internally, I begged the Universe to allow me to blog, help people, serve, and spend more time at home. I remember specifically asking to be able to work from home and write from my back porch when it was raining.

Until now, I hadn’t thought about that moment again. I am so grateful for all that I have manifested because of that one prayer.

Since then, I have fulfilled my dream of being home, serving others, and creating a blog that is wildly successful and helpful. I have worked with people from all walks of life all over the world. Incredibly I have had breakdowns (just like that day) that led to incredible breakthroughs like this one four years later.

Nothing in life is an accident, and we can get exactly what we pray for.

I am noticing though that we manifest but then move so quickly to the next that we don’t let it integrate, all that we have done. We don’t focus on our successes or celebrate ourselves nearly enough!

Quarantine has been hard on all of us mentally, emotionally, and for many, financially! But dear friend, there is still so much to be grateful for, maybe even more now than ever before.

Here are the things I noticed I could be grateful for just this morning:

  1. My home

  2. The kids

  3. Our yard

  4. The view from my backyard that still takes my breath away.

  5. The big tree that we got to build my kids a playground on.

  6. The fact that my kids are letting me have some alone time this morning!

  7. I am grateful spirit brought this realization to me. I can’t tell you how emotionally profound seeing that visual was and how amazing it was seeing how it has all come together.

  8. I am grateful that this year I got new windows for my very old home. Fresh air, rain, and summertime make for relaxing vibes inside.

  9. I am grateful that as I type this, I am sitting on the outdoor furniture I dreamt of for years….the uncomfortable metal chair pushed me to call in something more suitable! (It was on my vision board)

  10. Gratitude is bursting from my heart because that vision or realization this morning showed me that I never gave up on myself. It showed me that I believed in myself far more than I realized. That memory showed me how far I had come when at the time, I didn’t even have a vision or know what I was doing. Somehow though, I knew I was being led, and I decided to follow it.

I am overflowing with gratitude because here I am doing what I love, quarantined to a house I prayed to spend more time in, and with people I made with my own body.

I am working with people from around the world who love and support me and who I get to love and support back. Is there anything better? These are all mini-miracles. The things listed above are prayers answered, and manifestations made material! Is there anything better than realizing you have what you prayed for? Look at how it just kind of snuck into your experience without you even realizing it!

You’re supported. You’re being guided. You honestly can not mess it up! Where you’re meant to go, you will. The only trick is to believe in yourself. Pause when it gets hard, breath, but don’t give up. You can manifest all you desire, too, even during a pandemic!

Dear friend, if there is something on your heart please please do us all a favor and follow it. You can’t even imagine the impact your “small idea” will have on the world.

We need your light, and you deserve to have a moment just like this one. You deserve to manifest a life that makes your heart burst with gratitude!

From the metal chair, old laptop, porch sitting in the rain, and almost at my breaking point to 4 years later sitting on super comfy and cute porch furniture, rainy morning porch hangs, and thriving during a quarantine, I want you to know you can do it too. Please don’t give up on yourself or your dreams!

Show gratitude for what you have, and you will see how far you have come too!

Love, Ashley Strong

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