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Work With Your Spirit Guides To See Life From A Higher Perspective (Literally)

Work With Your Spirit Guides To See Life From A Higher Perspective (Literally)

In the spiritual or self-help community, you often hear people talk about choosing a different perspective or that they thrive because of their positive thinking. However, I think both you and I know that positive thinking around the clock isn’t as easy as it sounds. Last year when I was struggling to keep a positive mindset or see the good in pretty dark times, I asked my spirit guides to help me. 

Spirit Guides Can Help You See Yourself, Your Life, And The World From THEIR Point Of View! 

Our spirit guides can help us with so much! 

  1. They can give us signs and symbols that they are near. 

  2. Our guides can help us open and develop our intuitive senses and psychic gifts! 

  3. Spirit guides can help in relationships and emotional healing

  4. They can help in manifesting and finances!

And our spirit guides can help us not only to shift our mindset but they can also provide a higher perspective for us to do so! You can do this right now, even if you haven’t met and worked with your guides yet! 

Higher Perspective Exercise (provided by my spirit guides!)

  1. Get into a meditative state.

  2. Choose a situation or issue that has been on your heart.

  3. See yourself at the moment and allow all of your feelings to rise up.

  4. Ask your higher self and spirit guides to take you ABOVE the situation. (As if you’re floating above viewing it!)

  5. Ask your higher self and spirit guides to “zoom out even further.”

  6. See the big picture. What is different now from this angle?

  7. Do you see different perspectives? Has your energy shifted? Can you feel yourself coming to a resolution?

  8. Feel all that comes up for you.

  9. See yourself coming back down to Earth.

  10. Notice how you now feel in your physical body!

Every time I do this exercise, I completely shift how I see the situation, other people, and even myself. I am always granted a solution and given the right path in order to move forward. We are often so stuck in the thick of what is going on around us that we can’t see the bigger picture and how it is playing out universally.

I use this exercise all the time to shift my vibe, find solutions to problems, and elevate my way of seeing what I deem as “reality.” Maybe it can help you too!

If you loved this exercise and want to get closer to your spirit guides, I recommend you check out the following! 

  1. Meet and connect with your spirit guide session!

  2. Intuitive Development And Progression Course! Meet your guides, understand your intuition, expand your natural psychic, manage your energy! 

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