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Why You’re Not Getting Anything!

Sometimes being a sensitive is well, a bit confusing. Besides for the obvious reasons of course. What I mean by this is sometimes we go through phases of constantly connecting to spirit and it can get overwhelming, sometimes it’s just enough, and sometimes we get nothing at all. Why does this happen?

I have a theory….

  1. We are not protecting ourselves the way we should or setting boundaries. We can try to do too much at once. We then get overwhelmed.

  2. When we get overwhelmed spirit will back away, respecting our space.

  3. Spirit will also back away when we have to absorb a new lesson that we have learned.

  4. When it’s just right, we are in balance within ourselves.

Let me explain. 

For me, when I am really on a roll and are really connecting, I can get kind of comfortable. When I am spot on with meditation, readings, instincts, I tend to back off from my learning and development. When I subconsciously do this I find that I don’t meditate as often, I don’t take time for myself as often, and I accidentally disconnect because I feel like “I’ve got this!”  

When I get to this stage one of two things usually happens.

  1. I become being too open and get overwhelmed. You see when I am too open I have dreams that make me feel like I’ve been active all night long so I don’t get quality rest. I will pick up more of the energy of people and spirit around me, I become physically and emotionally drained and exhausted from all of the extra energy…positive and negative. Occasionally (like two weeks ago) I can get physically ill. I know it sounds strange but think of it this way….when you travel or have a crazy busy week filled with errands, sick kids, moody in-laws, a cranky spouse, and no downtime for YOU; don’t you feel drained and overwhelmed? It’s scientifically proven that stress has the ability to weaken the immune system. It’s like that! So I usually will meditate and say I am drained and I am overwhelmed and usually the connection lessens for a bit.

  2. I feel no connection at all. Of course, I know my spiritual support team always has my back. “Oh hey y’all I see you over there pushing me in the right direction and sendin me love!” (dork moment sorry) Annnyyywho…I have times that no matter how hard I try, how many times a day I meditate, how often I play in nature… I just can’t connect. It’s very rare that this doesn’t follow the overwhelmed stage. I think that sometimes spirit can feel that we need a break from everything, even if we don’t say it. I needed it last week but I didn’t WANT it. That is where things get tricky. Once you connect to spirit it’s so awesome that you ALWAYS want to be able to connect, so when you can’t it can be frustrating. I tend to feel alone and get sad; every time I freak out like I’ve lost my abilities.

Another reason they will back away is when you have gained new knowledge or learned a lesson. They want YOU to expand on that on your own…. Oh wow, I’m going to be straight up with you guys…something just clicked as I was typing this.

Last week I couldn’t connect, I was getting so frustrated. I finished a book last week called The Law’s of Spirit it’s a short, quick read but it took me a while. The weird thing is every time I started a new “law” it pertained to something that was or had recently happened in my life. I finished the book last week and the last lesson really hit home with me. I practiced that lesson and tried to really understand the meaning behind it for days and I was finally able to connect again last night. MIND BLOWN! See what I mean? I am still shocked by this stuff but Spirit ALWAYS has your best interest at heart.

Last thought since we were interrupted with my “AHHH HAAAA” moment, yesterday I was watching my all-time FAVORITE movie The Notebook that I had recorded a few days earlier. Somehow at the end of the movie it recorded for another 5 minutes and a preacher came on and right as I was about to change it he said these words and then it cut off. Something like “we all have gifts from God waiting to be opened. God doesn’t give you all of your gifts at once because you need to keep learning every day so they develop over time. Do not feel bad because you’re stuck right now just keep focusing on what you know as your truth in your heart and let God do the rest. In time you will keep opening up and keep advancing, have trust in him” I am positive that was no coincidence and so I said out-loud “Well Spirit, you’ve got my attention!”

Peace and love everyone. Have a fantastic day!

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