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Why You Need To Speak Your Truth And How To Do It Lovingly

Speaking your truth; what does it mean? Does speaking your truth mean that you’re blunt, rude, and that you don’t care about the feelings of others? Or, does speaking your truth mean standing up for yourself in a loving and powerful way that supports both you and those around you?

Speaking your truth is another way to set energetic boundaries.

When you speak your truth no matter how big or small you are showing yourself love and this is the best gift you can give to yourself. When you embody self-love you create a stronger connection with your higher-self. Doing this aligns you more with your intuition. All of these things help to raise your vibration and connect you more to spirit and the Law of Attraction.

Speaking your truth means you are speaking what you want and need into existence. It means you’re believing in yourself and your words. It shows that you’re standing up for yourself.

Contrary to popular conditioning, speaking your truth does not make you rude, or selfish, or difficult. It does, however, make you strong, empowered, and align you with your divine self. When you are aligned with your divine self you can more easily connect with others in a loving manner and approach all situations with more ease and fluidity.

Some people grow up with a “be seen and not heard” mentality and they carry this onward with them into work, relationships, and daily living. My own experience has been that you should bite your tongue to avoid an argument whether you were right or wrong. This got me in a lot of trouble as a teenager and has caused issues a time or two within my own relationships.

I always knew that I had to speak my truth and I always knew that I was strong. I guess I felt that other people needed to be aware of that too…but I wasn’t always coming from a place of love. Now, however, I know that there is a difference between saying what is on your mind and speaking your truth.

When you just say what comes to mind there can either be too much or not enough emotion behind it. Not having love or pure thought behind your words can certainly cause those arguments and feelings of difficulty.

When you speak your truth however and do it from a place of love things are much more aligned. You don’t have to be confrontational or derogatory when speaking your truth because it should be coming from a place of love and support for you.

A trick to know the difference: Think before you speak and ask before you say!

Think about what you’re about to say, why you’re about to say it, and where it is coming from. Is it coming from the ego, a place of pain, or a place of defense?

Ask your higher-self to show you how to approach this situation with love. Then ask how you can speak your truth on it in the most supportive manner for everyone involved.

These two tactics are the difference between being confrontational and lovingly powerful. (Check out this article for more on how to deal with difficult situations energetically)

When we don’t speak our truth it can block our throat chakra. If the throat chakra becomes blocked we can have energetic issues in addition to physical ones like a sore throat, sinus issues, coughing, etc! (For more on the chakras read this!)

Show yourself love and you will align more with spirit. Speak your truth and manifest what you desire!

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