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Why You Need To Set Intentions With Everything You Do!

What are your intentions? Are you clear on your intentions; do you set intentions? Did you know that our energy is left behind in everything we do and with every person we meet? Our energy is much like a fingerprint; though we often don’t see the prints they are there and are left on just about everything.

Since our energy is constantly spreading and circulating shouldn’t we be paying attention to what we are putting out there in the world? This is where intention comes in.

What intention are you putting into your work?

What intention are you putting into your relationships?

Do you set an intention for the day when you wake up?

I used to not pay attention to the energy I was putting out and certainly didn’t put any thought into the intentions behind the energy I was putting out. I just went about my business never thinking about the impact I was making with my words, thoughts, and lack of intention (or lack of caring). I was just getting through it – all of it – life.

Intentions give energy momentum. When you start to become aware of the energy you’re putting out or even the energy you’re willing to receive; that is when you are on your way to a better and happier life that you’re more in control of. The thing is without intention, you’re only halfway there.

Without intention, you’re simply writing the letter but never putting it in the mail.

To help you to easily implement this into your day to day routine I invite you to slow down just a little bit.

Before you get out of the bed set your intention for the day! What kind of day are you willing and wanting to have? A productive day, a day that flows, an energetic day?

On a Monday you might wake up feeling sluggish, tired, and grumpy looking at the week ahead. Getting out of bed and starting your day in this vibration is going to ensure that you stay locked in “a case of the Monday’s!” BUT when you wake up and say:

“Ok Monday…I see you! Today I am thankful for the shining sun. I am thankful for the roof over my head. I am so thankful for the opportunities and connections that this week will bring. My intention for the day is to feel peace within while also being productive and energetic!”

Now, let me ask you, which feels better? Grumpy Monday or Intentional Monday? I do this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I say three things I am grateful for and set my intention before my feet ever hit the floor. Sure, some days don’t go as I planned but every thought and piece of me that I put out into the universe includes some type of intention. This helps those off days become much easier to handle.

It takes work and practice but being cognizant of your thoughts, moods, emotions, and INTENTIONS will help your life to become much more vibrant and easy flowing!

Intention is the key ingredient when it comes to spiritual development, manifestation, and meditation.

When you sit down to meditate you need to get clear on why you are there. Are you there to get calm and centered? Is this practice to connect with spirit, the higher self, or are you trying to bring something specific into your life?

Meditation isn’t about letting go; it’s about surrendering but what are you surrendering to?

Are you surrendering to find a deeper connection? Are you surrendering to internal peace? Are you surrendering to your spirit team?

All of these are intentions! When you get clear on your intentions you give your words, thoughts, and even connections much more horsepower! Think about this in everything you do. The more positive energy and thoughtful intentions you put into your life, relationships, and yes, even your work the more positive and glowing results you will see!

If you’re someone that is really looking to heal your life and start to get into a flow state then journey with me! Take control of your thoughts, emotions, and learn to work with life and be one of “those happy people”. I invite you to come on a Sacred Self Healing Journey with me!

If you want to learn more about energy management and how to develop your intuition and psychic gifts I invite you to check out The Intuitive Development And Progression Course 

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