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Why Won’t My Spirit Guide Talk To Me? I’m Not Getting Anything!

” Why won’t my spirit guide talk to me? I’m not getting anything when I try to connect?”

So, you want to connect with spirit but it’s not working? You’ve watched the videos, you’ve taken the courses, and you’ve done the meditating but you’re still not getting anywhere huh? I’m here to help but you may not love what I have to say. Grab a notebook, a pen, and a mirror and get comfy.

Many of us have natural gifts and abilities that show up as children while others start to have these experiences later in life. But now that you’re trying to connect, nothing is happening. I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve heard the story countless times.

“I used to see things I heard things and felt things. Now that I’m sitting down to do it intentionally I feel like I’m not getting anything. I’ve hit a wall. What is going on? Was I just crazy all this time?”

No, you weren’t crazy. Yes, things did probably slow down once you finally decided to explore what has been waiting for you all of these years.

First things first, connecting with spirit has more to do with your vibration than anything else. Where is your state of mind? How are you treating yourself and others? Are you open to living a loving existence?

Many times we think we are ready to do the work but our vibration says otherwise. You don’t want anything negative or low-vibrational to connect with you so you set specific boundaries. You state that you will only work with those in the light. The conflict comes when your vibration is still low. You don’t have to be happy and positive all the time but remember like attracts like. So, if you’re setting strict boundaries but aren’t living a high-vibe life yourself, the wires are going to get crossed and you’re going to miss the connection.

Here are a few articles to help with this!

Next, you’ve got to be open to the possibilities of who is coming to you and how you will receive information. Just because you saw spirit as a child doesn’t mean that this is still the way you will receive the majority of your communications now.

When I started opening this back up I had a lot of self-work to do. (Remember that mirror? Now would be the time to grab it!) I had to look at myself, my patterns, and how I was blaming others for the things that were going wrong in my life. I had to look at myself and be unbiased for the first time ever. I had to see that I was the only one that could change my life. It was my responsibility alone.

I did the mirror work and I started meditating. When things started to open back up, however, they weren’t quite as I had remembered. As I kid I saw apparitions, faces, flashes, and more. I heard voices not only internally but externally as well. I expected it to be the same as an adult.

The truth is I was feeling spirit during meditation above all else. I would get a few internal words here and there but nothing like before. Flashes or the occasional face would appear but only during deep meditation and very infrequently. I started to get pretty frustrated.

I didn’t give up though because I knew that there were far too many synchronicities for me to just give up yet again. So, I kept meditating and doing the mirror and self-reflection work. Both of these things helped to raise my vibration.

Eventually, I started hearing voices of my loved ones that had passed and would see friend’s that had passed. At this point, my clairvoyance and clairaudience were opening back up but very slowly and not as strongly as it was as a child.

The next issue then came into play. Was I making it all up since I was only connecting with those that I had known in this life?

No! I eventually came to understand that those that we have known (family or acquaintance) can initially act as a trail guide for us on the other side. You see, we are comfortable with them so we will talk to them vs. some random spirit that pops in claiming to be a spirit guide. I know that I wouldn’t have trusted some random spirit in the beginning!

What happened for me and happens for many other people is that one or two people we knew in this life will show up and eventually introduce us to a guide. From there that guide will introduce us to another and so on. Basically, our loved ones take us to the party and when they see that we are comfortable they cut us loose.

Main message? You may receive differently than you’re expecting so let go of expectations! Remember, your loved ones will often be the first spirits to greet you. Don’t dismiss them or your connection because you think you’re making it up!

Here are some articles that help to elaborate on the messages mentioned above!

Last but not least, be patient, young grasshopper.

I know, I know, I know. It was soooo easy before! You had all of these experiences and now that you’re finally ready it feels like the doors should be bursting open. I wish.

There will be times when you are getting a ton of hits, synchronicities, and connections. You will feel like you are on a spiritual high and nothing can bring you down. Then there will be times that all you hear are crickets. No signs, no synchronicities, and you may feel like you’re being tested.

There may be a few reasons why things get quiet

  1. You’re unbalanced. You’re focusing only on spirit and you’re forgetting to be human. AKA, you’re ungrounded.

  2. You’ve been given messages and lessons that they want you to explore more and reflect upon.

  3. It’s happening but it’s happening at a pace that they feel is best for you. (Usually more slowly and gently than we would like)

When you get more grounded, learn those lessons, and practice patience then the universe will respond. They want to know that you’re getting their point before they give you more. You see, they never want to give you more than you can handle.

Be patient as hard as it is. Allow for them to connect with you using whatever clair they want. Don’t judge and don’t try to control it. Enjoy the process. It sounds so cliche but it really is a journey and it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Learn from it, grow from it, flow with it!

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And if you’re ready and up for the challenge, I invite you to get more connected with your spirit team through the suggestions below.

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