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Why Intuitives Require More Alone Time

Why Do Intuitives Become Reclusive And Require More Alone Time?

As a kid, I liked being alone. I liked playing by myself simply because most of the time I had no other choice. You see I have five siblings but 3 were at my dad’s house and the other two didn’t come along until I was 10 years old. It was the perfect equation thinking back. On the weekends I had siblings and during the week I had a house to myself for a good 10 years.

The older I got, however, the more I felt that I needed to be around people. As a teenager, all my free time had to be occupied by friends or I would go crazy. Part of it was the need to escape my home life, part was to avoid having to spend time getting to know myself, and still part was just being a teenager.

I came to value my friends as my family and I still hold true to this today.

Still, today I am different. Today I value my alone time in a way I never have before. These days I don’t just want alone time, I need it in order to function. As an intuitive, alone time is the very thing that helps keep me grounded, sane, and well – human.

I laugh now when I look back on teenage me and how I was with my boyfriend (now husband). He thought space was good and I thought space was a terrible – terrible thing. My adolescent mind figured that if he wanted a day with the boys he was surely leaving me for someone else. Now, 12 years later I know that he really just wanted a day with the boys because, space – it’s a good thing.

It’s funny to look back on really, I mean, who was that girl? Why didn’t she take those moments to fill herself up instead of worrying so much about what someone else was doing? Why didn’t she realize she had more freedom in those days than she would ever have again? I only wish she would have taken it.

Nowadays I find myself searching for alone time. Not because I don’t love my husband, my family or my friends. It’s just if I don’t take the time to reset I am on edge, snippy, and ungrounded.

As you probably know, my mornings start with a workout, this ensures “me time” Monday through Friday. (Except this morning when the little one wanted to embark on his own yoga journey). I use this time to recite my affirmations, clear my head, and get connected to Source.

You see, meditation doesn’t have to be sitting on the ground with your legs crossed and chanting the word “om”. Meditation is getting connected to the self and your higher guidance system. That relaxation stuff is simply a perk!

Now, working from home I find myself needing more space than ever before. I tried solely working out of the house for a few months and my husband noticed how it was affecting me.

“Get out,” he said, with good intentions of course!

He knew that I needed to be around people and out in nature just as much as I needed alone time. I was caught in a corporate job hangover for months, not allowing myself the freedom that working from home grants. I was out of balance,

Twice a week now I get out of the house to work. Some days it’s the library, some days it’s the beach. I’m alone, but near people, and out in nature. The best of all the worlds.

Alone time is so important to your spirit body. It gives you a chance to think, a chance to breathe. Even if you don’t think you need alone time, give it a try. Take a walk in the woods alone and notice how you feel after.

Here are a few ways you can sneak in some alone time throughout the day/week/month!

  1. Take a walk on your lunch break to clear your head.

  2. Do a short or long meditation (even in the car if that’s the only quiet place you can find).

  3. Take yourself to lunch and learn to enjoy a meal on your own.

  4. Do an oracle card reading for yourself.

  5. Wake up before everyone else and start a morning ritual.

  6. Take a class or start a new hobby.

  7. Mist the air with a cleansing spray and just breathe.

  8. Spend a few minutes in your sacred space each day maybe even journaling.

Basically, if you’re a sensitive-intuitive person, alone time is essential for balance and well-being. It may be hard at first, it may feel uncomfortable having to hang out with yourself, and finding the time may be a challenge. Once you fit it in there, once you start your own ritual, you will learn to love it and you will see just what you’ve been missin’ all these years. You’re probably going to find that you’re pretty freakin’ awesome and just never gave yourself a chance to see it!

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