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Why Ghosts Show Up At Night. Night Time And Spirit Activity Go Hand in Hand.

We’ve all heard ghost stories and tales of spirits showing up late at night. If you’re someone that has ever encountered a ghost or had spirit activity in your home then you have probably taken note that spirit is in fact pretty fond of the evening hours. Why is this? Why do ghosts show up at night time? Why do spirits show up when we are sleeping?

Listen, spirit doesn’t actually want to scare you. They really don’t mean it and if you are someone that had intuitive gifts as a child then you know that eventually, things die down a bit as you get older. This is because somewhere along the line you were scared or told them to go away in one way or another.

Your spirit guides and members of your team do not in any way want to make you scared or uncomfortable. They just want to get to know you and to become friends with you. The problem is as children or even as adults that don’t know this, it can, in fact, be quite startling.

There are two main reasons spirit’s pick night time to show up

Spirits have no concept of time.

Listen, time, it’s just not a thing over there. We, the humans, made up time. They are spirits, they are made of energy. There is absolutely no reason for them to have a 24 hour day when time is eternal over there.

They don’t understand time the way that we do. They only understand factors like when they are welcome, when they are not, and when we are receptive. Which leads us to the second reason spirits show up at night time.

We are most receptive at night which is why spirits visit then.

In the evenings we are more relaxed. When we are sleeping all momentum stops and we are not worried about anything. In the sleep state, we are open, receptive, and our minds aren’t getting in the way.

Take your dreams, for instance, you’re free to go anywhere and do whatever you choose in that state. You may astral travel, you may revisit your childhood home, or you may find yourself talking to a group of people you’ve never met. (Likely a counsel)

Your spirit does a lot of work while you’re sleeping and in those moments it has no worries about time or external blockages. You’re in receptive mode.

In this state, you may have visitation dreams or physical visitations. These visitations are likely from your guides, angels, loved ones, and/or other spirits.

They just want to connect with you and this is the easiest time for them to do so!

If it’s bothering you (like it does most of us) learn to set business hours with spirit. Tell them when you’re willing to connect, how they may connect with you, and who you’re willing to connect with.

Darling, if you’re a true energy sensitive there is no shutting it off for good. We only have quiet seasons. Learn to control it and manage it so that you can remind yourself and spirit that you’re in control!

To learn more about managing and working with your gifts check this out!

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