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Why Does God Take People We Love?

Today’s post comes from a reader question –

“My family has experienced so much loss. Why would our souls choose so much loss? This has been on my mind for years but lately, I can’t stop thinking about it. I do believe we choose our lessons, purpose, etc before coming here, but I just can’t wrap my mind around this. I was wondering what the purpose/lesson could possibly be? I mean in the bigger picture, on a grand scale?”

This is a timely question and it’s not the first time it’s come up. In fact, it often comes up in readings – not from the client but from Spirit! Usually, a spirit that passed too early such as a child, a spouse, or a friend, will step forward to let us know why they had to leave the Earth so soon.

You see, we pick all the experiences we want to have before we come here. We pick the people we want to encounter, the situations we want to be in (both good and bad), and we even pick when and how we will leave this Earth. Only our soul knows this information and it will likely never come through in a reading unless it is a dire warning to you that you are straying off of your path.

I have heard over and over again in readings that the spirit left “early” to be a guiding light for their loved ones. They will often say that they can serve better from over there; this is especially prevalent for those who passed of suicide or overdose.

Sometimes, those who felt like they lived a chaotic life here on Earth feel more helpful in spirit form. From the other side, they can help steer you in the right direction and guide you. In contrast, they felt that when they were here they did the opposite. I find that once these spirits have made peace with their deaths, they are some of the most helpful loved ones in spirit because they feel they are finally fulfilling their purpose.

Children have come through to speak to their parents telling them that they are still with them constantly and that their purpose was simply to come to Earth and let their parents know who they were. They have then gone on to say that they will always be there to guide them and push them in the right direction. There is always such a gentle feeling about young spirits and they are always so full of love, which is usually the message that they try to convey.

Losing a loved one, especially a child is something that no one should ever have to go through. No matter which way you look at it – it’s painful. Even being a medium, losing someone that I love is just as hard. I still want to hold them, talk to them, and hug them. I try to find comfort in knowing that they are on the other side loving me more than they ever could have here on Earth and guiding me in the right direction. I wish for you to find comfort remembering the same.

When someone experiences a lot of loss such as parents, kids, siblings, and other family members it can be detrimental to them. They may find themselves asking “why me?” I’ve asked this question too so… why you?

Oftentimes when this occurs all within one family or to one person, there is something much bigger at play. This can be a sign that their soul is growing…though it may feel entirely lost and crumbled. When someone experiences a loss such as this it is usually because they are meant to be a healer for others. This is why so many people experience the reawakening of intuitive abilities after a tragedy.

If you’ve experienced quite a bit of loss in your life I invite you to take a step back and look at the whole picture. Are you the person that generally has to be strong for everyone else? Do all of your loved ones and friends seem to lean on your shoulder to cry on? Even though you may feel like you’re dying inside yourself you are these people’s support system whether you chose to be or not.

I was that person in my family without meaning to do so. When we lost my grandparents I didn’t and almost couldn’t let my emotions show in front of my mom. I felt that I needed to be strong for her. I always waited until I was alone to cry, talk to Source, and ask why.

Experiencing so much loss in your life is not an easy thing to go through by any means but you may realize that perhaps it was in your soul-plan all along. Perhaps you were meant to be the healer, the helper, the medium. There is no doubt that the loss you’ve experienced is part of the greater plan.

I’m going to be 100% real with you for a minute…..

I’ve lost more friends than I care to count. Some from car accidents, others from freak accidents, most from overdose – more than 16 friend’s and I’m only 27. My grandparents practically raised me, I considered them my parents – they are both gone. I had a niece or a nephew that we didn’t get to meet and while it wasn’t MY child it was and is still a part of my family.

Loss is hard and I can’t say that it ever gets easier. However, if we look at the bigger picture we may find that the loss didn’t happen TO us but FOR us.

  1. So we could realize that we are stronger than we ever imagined.

  2. For us to realize that we can be helpers, healers, and caretakers.

  3. So that when we get a little sign from Heaven we are reminded of the magic around us.

  4. To help us find our own faith that we are not alone in this. We now have loved ones on the other side guiding us, protecting us, and loving us unconditionally.

  5. If you’ve experienced a traumatic loss or a series of losses in your life I challenge you to take a look at the bigger picture. Who could you help that has been in your situation? How can you channel your pain energy into something greater – something magical? How can you find your faith again?

Sending love and healing your way. Ashley

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