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Why Do I Have Resistance? What Can Resistance Teach You?

What is your resistance trying to tell you?

The energy of resistance is quite a handy tool. If used intentionally, it can teach us many things about ourselves and the situation at hand. Resistance is not laziness and does not mean you lack ambition. It simply is your body and mind trying to bring a lesson into your awareness!

What can resistance reveal to us?

  1. Resistance can reveal that we are no longer aligned with what once served us.

  2. It can reveal that we are not ready just yet for what we think we want or need.

  3. It can be a form of self-sabotage calling us to go within and ask the question, “why don’t I feel worthy of ______?”

  4. It clearly reveals that our soul knows something that our conscious mind does not! If the situation were meant to be in this moment – if we were ready for it – we would not be holding ourselves back!

  5. Resistance can be a subconscious defense mechanism to protect us from jumping the gun!

Resistance is a call to go within. It’s a tool that shows us so much about who we are in that moment and what we subconsciously believe we are worthy and capable of receiving.

If you have enough awareness, you will catch your ego feeding you LIES about the resistance you feel.

The ego will tell you you’re lazy, you’ve lost your drive, or that you’re not good enough. Your ego will take your feelings of resistance and generate wild stories that can sabotage any momentum you hope to gain if you’re not careful.

The ego is loud. It’s manipulative, and it’s frankly – a liar.

When you learn to become more self-aware and observe your thoughts instead of getting tangled up in them, you will see the ego’s lies. You will also be able to notice the higher self’s gentle nudges.

The higher self will always love, guide, and support you, and it will explain your resistance to you and how to move through it.

The most validating thing for me is when I hear what I need to hear vs. what I want to hear from my higher self. Beneath your resistance is your higher self calling to you to give you insight into your next steps.

Isn’t that beautiful? Your resistance can be a gateway to recognizing when your higher self is trying to speak to you!

There have been many times since starting the website that I felt resistance in certain areas. That resistance has always provided me with an opportunity to slow down and go within. I know when I have resistance towards something that I love so much (my business and my spiritual practice), then it means I am out of alignment somewhere. It means I am out of flow and forcing things to happen as I think they should. It means I am trying to control things instead of trusting in my journey.

Once I learned how to utilize my intuition, resistance became such a great teacher in my business and life.

I have big news! I let go of my resistance and I am starting a podcast!

Since I started my website, countless people have asked me to create a podcast and even host a podcast with them. I had so much resistance, and it didn’t feel right – it was frankly a full-body no. 6 years later, two people who asked me to host with them now have wildly successful podcasts.

I saw their growing success, but it didn’t entice me. It just wasn’t my thing.

I could have gotten angry at myself for not jumping at the opportunity they gave me years before. I could have become envious or been bitter. Guess what? I was the opposite! I was and am happy for them and their thriving success!

Colleagues, friends, people in this spiritual space are sharing their voices with the world, and they are helping hundreds of thousands of people, and I am here for it!

My thing was and is blogging, course creation, coaching, putting my work out into the world in a way that feels in alignment with me. I love writing and creating, but above all, I LOVE helping people understand who they are at their core – through their intuition.

For a while, I was doing Facebook lives. I had resistance to starting that too, but then it felt good – so so so good once I got the nudge from my spirit team at the beginning of covid.

Eventually, that resistance returned, and I will tell you why. It stopped feeling guided and started to feel like work.

My articles, videos, and most of my lives are done by taking inspired action, meaning at the moment I was guided to share. All of what I share is because I am guided to do so! For me, sharing my content is intuitively driven. Do you see? In what I do, everything is energy, and if my energy isn’t behind it, then I have resistance.

All of this to say it clicked in two weeks ago that I still have a lot to say.

It clicked in that after calls and channeling sessions, I have some great messages the world gets to hear them. I’m not always in the space to jump on a live video, but I’m always in the space to press record on my phone!

So my dear friend, stay tuned while I get it up and running because I’ve got more to teach, old material to re-visit, and lots to share!

The podcast doesn’t yet have a name, but I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what you think it could be called! I would also love to hear what YOU want to hear on the show.

I am so excited about this, and I know now that it is the PERFECT time. No resistance, just full-body flow!

Talk soon!

Oh, and don’t forget Rise Then Shine is still open for enrollment! It’s honestly the best package I have and covers everything you could want to know about guides, spirit, intuition, spiritual and heart-led business, all of it! Plus, it comes with private coaching!

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