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Why Do I Have Nightmares? | Psychic Abilities And Nightmares

Why intuitive people have nightmares

Nightmares; the ultimate inconvenience for intuitive people. They are vivid, scary, and all too real. These are endeavors that we can’t seem to escape or get rid of no matter what we do. If you’re a highly intuitive person and you have frequent nightmares know that you are not alone. Whether your nightmares started last week or as a child you’re going to want to keep reading this.

One of the major tell-tale signs of a clairvoyant person is highly vivid dreams. These dreams often do not make any sense but are just as real and vivid as every day waking life. Dreams for the intuitive person can be healing, informational, and quite wonderful. Nightmares, however, are just the opposite when it comes to beauty but just as vivid and freakishly lifelike when it comes to realness.

All of my life I can remember having insanely vivid nightmares that I just could not shake. These nightmares have been about people in my life, situations, tidal waves (a recurring one for me), and even fighting. Many of these nightmares left me in a paralyzed sleep state.

Intense, I know.

I would see nasty yet vivid scenery and weird creatures. I would be searching for people all alone. I would be traveling to unknown places all the while open and vulnerable to all that was around me.

These dreams were so real that they were hard to shake for days at a time. The older I got the more frequent and more intense they became.

I tried cutting out scary movies, I tried only surrounding myself with positive people, and I tried controlling my environment. I even tried medication which by the way made the whole thing 10x worse. This was because at a younger age I learned how to wake myself up and out of these dreams. When I was on the medication I couldn’t control the dreams like I had previously been able too and thus I stayed stuck!

The problem wasn’t me or what I was or wasn’t doing. The problem was that I was a highly intuitive person with seriously unmanaged gifts.

Let me explain….

When you are an intuitive, you are like a shelter or a sanctuary to those in need of connection, light, and love. This is both a beautiful and inconvenient quality to hold.

As a shelter, to those without, you can suit their needs…what do those in spirit seek out? Whether heavy or vibrant in vibration all souls are attracted to light.

So just like a bug to a lamp those in search of the light flock to you.

They aren’t there to hurt you or harm you they simply want your energy, your vibrancy.

Before you even know (or accept) that you are an intuitive, other souls know it. Spirits that are in need of light come to you hoping to get a piece of yours. You have something they don’t have and they need your help getting it.

Many intuitives mention having had sleep paralysis at some point in their life. This can feel like someone is on top of you or even that you’re trying to fight something off but you can’t move. What I have found that is happening here is that there is likely an unwanted spirit trying to get a piece of your vibrant light because they are lacking.

This is why setting boundaries is so important. All shelters and sanctuaries have boundaries and rules. You can set your own so that only the spirits you want to connect with have the code to get in!

Setting boundaries starts with identifying who you’re willing to connect with (only those in the light). After that, you must make the declaration to get closer to your guides! Once you accept that you have a team in spirit they can then help you. Like I’ve said before, this changed everything for me.

Your guides, angels, and the rest of your team in spirit wants to help you but they have to be invited in. Once you start working with your gifts it’s easier and easier to connect with your spirit team. This gives you the strength to keep out the “scary stuff” to make room for the light!

So to recap intuitives have scary dreams because we are a beacon of light for all, a sanctuary. To keep out those that are not in alignment with our sanctuary’s mission we must set boundaries and only allow in those that will grow our light and not steal from it. To do this accept your gifts, work with your guides, and learn about managing your intuitive gifts. This doesn’t have to be scary! You have the right to live a happy, beautiful life, AND get some sleep!

With love, A recovered nightmare victim

Side note: when it comes to recurring dreams, running away from something, or seeing people in your life it could be that your team is simply trying to get your attention. For more on that side of things check out this article by my colleague Amanda Linette Meder! 

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