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Why Am I Tired All The Time? Psychic Exhaustion.

I feel like as a society most of us are tired and drained most of the time. We just have so much going on, ya know? Work life, home life, social media life, plus the constant connection to our electronics. Plus, most of us don’t get nearly enough sleep. It’s no wonder why we need gallons of caffeine to keep on trucking’ throughout the day.

That’s just your normal everyday Joe. What about the sensitives, the intuitives, the mediums, angel workers, and the empaths?

Intuitives tend to have high-highs and low-lows when it comes to energy. While connecting we get way up there in vibration and with the snap of a finger, we can come crashing down. If you’re in one of the categories mentioned above I’m sure you know the feeling I’m talking about and it’s name is psychic exhaustion.

The word for it isn’t tired, it’s more like depleted. Drained and emptied of all energy and motivation. It’s almost like our brains don’t even want to think or do. Instead, we just want to sit and be and not even have to talk to people sometimes. Like I said, totally depleted. Emotionally and empathically fatigued.

So, why are we so tired all the time?

Intuitive’s work in a different way than most when it comes to energy factors. We are constantly using and tapping into our energy reserves, even when we aren’t intentionally practicing.

When we are feeling the emotions of others or sensing the vibe of space we are open to energy exchange. Empaths take on the energy of others and give out their energy to help others heal. Mediums and others who give readings are using their energy to connect to Source and also to tap into another’s energy. The list goes on.

Y’all, this takes a lot of work! We often don’t even feel or realize we are doing it until it’s too late!

I have recently noticed that these days, I’m either off or I’m on. There is no such thing as in between for me. I’m either get up and go or I ain’t goin’ nowhere. This has been hard for me because my husband NEVER stops moving unless he’s sleeping and neither does my 3-year-old.

I decided to have a sit down with my guides and ask them what was going on. Why am I so drained all of the time?

The answer was like a slap to the forehead, duh Ashley. Duh.

“You utilize your energy differently than you used too. You’re constantly in connection with us. This is a great thing but there are consequences on the human body when you do this. The human body is not meant to hold these connections all the time and though you have become accustomed there is still a threshold.”

So basically in layman’s terms, I use my energy differently than I did when I worked a desk job. Caffeine doesn’t really help because it’s my entire body that is tired, I don’t just need a snooze.

You see, when you’re giving readings or connecting with spirit it’s like you’re flexing one muscle for an extended period of time. Obviously, you will be stronger in the beginning but after a bit, you’re going to get tired and your muscles are going to get fatigued. The Same concept applies to those of us who connect with spirit (intentionally or not).

I have learned to deal with it and to adjust my schedule accordingly but this is my fulltime job. Managing my energy is part of the gig. What about you though? What can you do to help with your energy levels?

  1. Caffeine is not the answer. The morning cup of joe is ok but don’t rely on it to get you through the day. It’s a false energy and for intuitives and can make you feel unbalanced and confused.

  2. Stay balanced. When I am unbalanced I use all my energy up at once then I’m depleted for hours on end if not days.

  3. Ground. Keep your energy grounded and allow the Earth’s energy to refill your physical body.

  4. Protect your energy. Learn to protect your energy so you’re not absorbing others and so they aren’t dipping into your supply

  5. Set boundaries with people and spirit

  6. Love yourself enough to know when you need to take a break and hit rest

  7. If you are giving readings then know your limit. We all have a threshold!

  8. When you are giving out remember to fill yourself back up.

  9. Read this article – 10 Ways You’re Giving Energy Away and Don’t Know It

  10. And this one – What To Do In An Energy Crisis

So there you have it, folks, straight from spirit. We are tired more because we use our energy differently than most. We are tired because we are more open to giving energy away and because we tend to get a bit off balance!

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