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Who's in your energy field?

Who's in your energy field and what does that mean?

What are the signs someone is hanging out in your energy field, and how do you identify who is pulling at your energy? A few signs are a specific person constantly popping in your head, dreaming of them, their name randomly coming up in conversation, and a heaviness that you just can't shake!

You see, we are all energy, and energy knows no space or time. If you're thinking of someone often, they will feel it and vice versa!

In this episode, pulled from my Youtube channel, I will teach you how to identify if someone is in your energy field and see who is tugging at your energy!

We will go over who you have not released from your energy and how withholding forgiveness will keep them stuck there! I will describe a practice on how to find out who is still in your energy; how to release and heal; and how to ground, clear, connect and protect your energy.

Ready to dive deeper into your self-discovery and truly meet your authentic self? During private coaching with me you will learn to connect with your higher self, set boundaries with people AND spirit. You will be guided to live your highest time line and heal your deepest wounds! Each session is a combination of guidance and messages from your higher self, spirit team, and myself!

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