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Who Is In Your Energy? Are You Being Attacked Energetically?

Who Is In Your Energy? Are You Being Attacked Energetically?

Did you know that when you keep thinking of someone, keep reliving a memory, or you keep revisiting a situation in your mind that you are still energetically attached?

You’re an empath – we all are! There certainly are different levels to our empathic abilities, but we are all energy. This means that we constantly exchange energy via connections, thought, and physical interaction.

Today’s episode will teach you how to identify if someone is in your energy field, and a full workshop is included!

  1. I will teach you how to find out who is pulling at your energy and what that feels like!

  2. We will identify who you have not released from your energy and who have you not forgiven.

  3. I will teach you to release and heal what isn’t serving you.

  4. Before the workshop begins, we will discuss how to ground, clear, connect and protect your energy.

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