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Who Is On My Spirit Team?

During mentoring sessions and spiritual development calls, I am often asked: “who is on my spirit team?” Most people usually don’t realize that you have an entire team in spirit that has your back around the clock! This team is made up of many different types of spirit and while each of them has a job to do, they all love you unconditionally.

There are a vast array of spirits on your team but today we are going to talk about the most prominent ones. The ones you hear the most about.

Each person has 1-10 spirit guides at any given time. Spirit guides each hold a specific job and are present in your life when they are needed the most. There is one exception and this is your main guide, he/she has been with you since birth!

Spirit guides are the easiest spirits for you to connect with for two main reasons.

1. You picked them 2. They were once human themselves!

The higher-self is YOU! Loving words of wisdom and guidance come from your higher-self! Do you talk to yourself a lot? Chances are you’re speaking to the higher-self! To learn to tell the difference check out this article!

Guardian Angels

Everyone has a guardian angel and their love for us in unconditional. Guardian angels are often confused with spirit guides as they both have similar jobs. The difference between guides and guardian angels is that angels have never been human and are of a much much higher vibration.


We can call on the archangels when we are in need of help, guidance, and my favorite, protection! Archangels work fast, call on them and they are there! Their energy is intense and can be spread to help with many different issues. Archangels can help many people at once whereas guardian angels tend to stick with one individual.

Archangel Michael is wonderful to call on for protection

Archangel Gabriel is great to call on for help in your career and creative thinking!

Archangel Uriel is who you could call on when you need some answers! He is great for strengthening clairsentience as well!

Ascended Masters

Ascended masters were once people but are now living in an extremely high vibration. They often help large groups of people at one time. The ascended masters have lived multiple lives, learned many lessons, and have been ascended to a higher vibration in efforts to serve more people.

Ancestors and Loved Ones

Just because you never met your great great great great grandfather in person does not mean that your souls have never met. Ancestors are part of our spirit team whether we knew them in this life or not. Friends, family members, and friends of friends can all be members of your spirit team as well. Once acclimated to the other side you may be able to easily connect with them. In rare occasions, your loved ones in spirit can actually become your spirit guides!

Let me paint a picture for you….

You’re backstage at a large concert venue and you can hear the crowd. Everyone is chanting your name, clapping their hands, and as the curtain opens you hear a loud roar from the crowd. As you step out from behind the curtain you see a flood of faces all cheering for YOU!

At first glance you think to yourself “who are all of these people?” but as you look around you notice that these faces are all familiar. You can feel the love radiating towards you and you start to notice the shimmers and glows among the audience members. Suddenly you realize this is your team…this is your spirit team!

These are angels, guides, ascended masters, loved-ones, and even Earth Spirits that you’ve connected with throughout your soul’s many lifetimes. They are all here for you; loving you and guiding you.

You finally understand that your spirit team has your back and with them… you can make anything happen!

If you would like help learning to connect with your spirit team on your own, please check out the intuitive development section in the shop today! 

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