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Where Do People Go When They Die?

When we die to do go straight to heaven or hell? Where Do People Go When They Die?

Different spiritual practitioners have different views on this question but I think the general consensus is that a spirit doesn’t usually just exit the physical body and go straight to its eternal destination. There’s still work that needs to be done, things need to be finalized, goodbyes need to be said, and sometimes…karmas need to heal.

You should know before we go any further that just like the individual person the individual spirit has its own individual experiences. That being said it has been noted time and time again in Near Death Experiences (NDE) that the person can see a blinding white light. They sometimes can see their body, hear conversations of those around them, and they may even connect with their deceased loved ones.

The funny thing is, this is indeed what generally happens when the spirit initially leaves the body upon death.

Before I was tapped into my mediumship abilities I felt my grandfathers spirit in the room while standing at his bedside as he passed. I felt my grandmother there as well and though I thought I was imagining it …I clairvoyantly saw my grandmother and a few others in spirit next to his body as well.

I even recall when everyone was crying and yelling – I telling them that he was still there. I didn’t know what it was but instead of being frantic like a few people in the room I was calm, collected, and felt an overwhelming sense of peace.

I repeated in an extremely calm voice that he was still there…watching everything that was unfolding. Most people looked at me like I was crazy.

Spirits leave the physical body but they don’t usually leave the physical plane immediately. They have goodbyes to say, reminders to give you, and often times will even attend their own funerals to console their loved ones.

What kind of goodbyes do you ask? If they didn’t get to say goodbye to a family member they may visit their dreams, mess with the lights, or knock on their bedroom door. These are all signs that they are visiting before they make their transition.

What kind of loose ends could a spirit have to tie up? Well, perhaps you are looking for their will that is in a locked drawer and you have NO idea where the key is. Isn’t it convenient that you just had the random thought to check underneath the shoe box in the back left corner of their closet? Hmmm? This is spirit tieing up loose ends.

They don’t like to just leave us high and dry but they do have places to go and people to see.

Once things have settled down and they are ready, they start to make their transition. This is why you may feel them around for a week or two after their passing and then feel nothing for a few months.

During the transitional process, they usually keep pretty quiet and are hard to get ahold of (this is why I recommend readings at least 4-6 months after passing).

So, what are they doing up there anyways?

  1. Getting used to their new spirit body. Learning the ropes so that they can come back and visit with you when the timing is right!

  2. Meeting with the council and going through a life review.

  3. Working through their karma.

  4. Reconnecting with their spirit team and loved ones they haven’t seen in a while.

They keep kind of ascending if you will or leveling up the longer they are gone and the more they work on their karma. Yes, they are in the light but the light contains many many different floors and levels. All great, all beautiful, and unconditionally loving but still different levels.

Each transitioning process is unique to the spirit. However, what I have seen throughout my career when assisting a spirit in crossing over is the spirit walking up stairs or being helped up through what looks like an energetic ceiling. It is quite a beautiful and breathtaking experience that words can not quite articulate!

But why would I have to help someone cross over?

Well, sometimes spirits simply don’t want to go when it’s their time and then they miss the cutoff. Other times, they’re holding on to guilt or feel that they can’t or aren’t worthy of crossing over – in this case, they feel they need permission. (Common with abusive people, suicides, or drug overdose)

What about the mean and evil people, where do they go?

Well, I know this will disappoint some people but in my experience… there is no fiery place where people burn for all eternity. Yes, there is a dark place but it’s more like the hell they experience is having to relive and relive the things they did and the hurt they caused. They have to watch and feel it over and over and over until they have worked out their karma and/or come back to learn their lessons again to give it another try.

It’s dark and it’s lonely. When connecting and experiencing just a smidge of what they are experiencing – it’s enough to make you feel momentary insane.

So no fire but still, no place you want to visit.

I could go on and on about this subject for days. All the levels and all of the experienced but that would be an awful lot for you to read! If you’re interested in learning more about the different levels, the crossing over process, or even if you need help crossing a spirit over I would love to work with you one on one!

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