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When Your Soul Begins To Talk To You

When Your Soul Begins To Talk To You and How It Can Help You!

Today’s meditation was intense and brought about so much clarity. It reminded me that all of the things we crave outside of us began and come from within us. In other words, our desires are birthed from our spirit, which means that our desires are divine. 

My meditation reminded me that I am worthy of having the things, the love, the family, the compassion that I desire simply because I am. I am a spirit who has created every experience known to me in some way or another (both good and “bad”). 

The visuals I received today showed me how we actually birth our desires (the things we want to manifest) and experiences and, in a sense, they showed me where these things begin to take form! 

Over the years, I have taught hundreds of people about manifesting and how to connect with spirit. I’ve taught visualization techniques, journaling techniques, meditation techniques, and so on. Every day, I do these practices myself and I help my coaching clients with them on a regular basis as well. 

Until today, I never quite understood how the connection from thought to tangible form was made – all I knew was these meditation and manifestation techniques worked.

I always thought that my third eye and heart chakra were where most of the “magic” happened. I thought it began with the visualization, and then once my heart connected to the feeling of “it” already happening, that I had begun the manifestation process. 

My spirit guides showed me today that the idea or desire was actually birthed long before I decided to manifest something. 

Today’s meditation showed me that our spirit generates and “births” the idea or desire in the ROOT CHAKRA long before it reaches our heart or mind! 

How cool is that? Your spirit knows that you want something long before you do! Perhaps this is why we often have dreams that come to fruition months or years later. Maybe this is why we have a sense of knowing about an impending change such as a job, a move, or family?

As I write, it’s hitting me that our intuition isn’t us tapping into the future or receiving some messages from far beyond… our intuition is tapping into what our spirit/soul already knows –  what we have, in a sense, already created long before we knew consciously that we wanted it!

If this is the case, then no wonder people like me can trust so fully in the divine without any proof whatsoever that our plans, dreams, and desires will come to fruition. 

We just know. We know that we are protected and everything will work out, not because we are overly optimistic, but because our spirit has known all along. Our spirit began birthing the experience long before we felt or imagined it. 

I feel it is safe to say that when we lean back and trust that our desires – our wants, needs, and experiences we want to call in – are divine, we can know without a doubt we are safe and supported. We can take 100% of the pressure off of ourselves to figure it out and trust that we will be divinely led. 

Of course, we will have to take action, but trust allows for inspired guidance versus flustered resistance. 

In meditation today, I felt this sense of going deeper and deeper within myself. Then suddenly I knew I was somewhere inside of “my space of all creation” (that was the wording provided). 

I saw pinks and oranges and reds and purples like you wouldn’t believe! It was incredible. There was a knowing that I was in the “womb” of all of my creations, desires, and path of least resistance (something I had prayed on just last night!).

Then, I was greeted by a spirit guide who showed me that I was in the place where my spirit did its work. 

I was in the place where, long before I consciously know I want something, it is already being created and then birthed. My spirit team showed me that this is why it is (and should be) easy to trust because all that I am called to, desire, and wish to manifest is coming from the most divine part of me. 

So, if I want to make manifesting easier on myself, I can lean back and trust that I WILL get there. 

I will be supported. I will be guided. I will be safe because it’s already in creation and I am worthy of it because it was BORN FROM MY SOUL! It was designed, created, and meant to be because the highest, most authentic part of me sent it to me. 

Today’s meditation reminded me that all wealth, health, happiness, desires, ideas, and everything else comes from the depths of our soul long before we know we want it. That is why spirit says to trust and why we don’t need to know the “how.” The how isn’t our responsibility because this path, idea, or desire was created in the highest, so how could it not be supported? 

Our spirit knows what it’s doing. It knows what we need. It knows how to get us to where we want to go. 

Our human just needs to trust a little bit more and know without a shadow of a doubt that all will work out and we are always safe to receive our desires because, to our spirit, it has already happened! 

I hope this long, lengthy post helps you see it’s safe to trust yourself and your spirit. It’s safe to want things because those desires are created from the light that is you, so of course you are worthy babe! Of course!

With so much love and light, 

Ashley Strong

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